2016 Emmy’s Red Carpet Review!

It’s that time of year again where I breakdown my favorite and not so favorite celeb red carpet styles! I know last year I started with the VMA’s, but after looking at the carpet looks and asking who the F 90% of the people were, I didn’t bother. Seriously! Who were those people?!!? Okay – enough about the VMA’s, we are here to talk about the Emmy’s. Overall, I actually thought the carpet was pretty decent. I know? You are probably asking me if I had an aneurysm in the off season. I didn’t…I just thought it was better than last year’s red carpet. Color seemed to dominate this carpet from 50 shades of yellow to Viola Davis’ hot pink; therefore, it seems appropriate to start the review with the color queens!

Color Crazy:

Taraji P. Henson in Custom Vera Wang: I love Taraji SO MUCH and usual almost always am obsessed with her red carpet style; however, this just didn’t quite do it for me. It’s not my worst dressed and has redeeming characteristics, yet I know she can do better than a simple yellow gown. Don’t get me wrong, the color is AMAZING on her. It’s giving me serious Kate Hudson-Andie Anderson-How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days-yellow dress vibes. Everything about this is almost too casual for Taraji and her hard posing. It’s like she’s going to a charity event in Malibu as opposed to the Emmy’s. I want Taraji to bring it to the carpet. Finally on the criticism, I can’t stand the wrinkles. I don’t know how to avoid that, but those wrinkles are ruining it! I do love the monogrammed clutch though! And she is the only person other than Jimmy Kimmel who did an outfit change in the night. I actually much prefer her presenter look over this carpet one.


Shiri Appleby in Diane von Furstenburg: If you don’t know who Shiri is than you need to jump on the Unreal bandwagon ASAP. The first season killed…the second season was a lil less good, but I have faith in the third season. Go home and marathon it RIGHT NOW! (It’s on Hulu.) Okay, but this isn’t about her TV show, it’s about her look. I actually can’t really say much bad about it except I don’t think she looks very comfortable in it. I don’t know if it’s the dress or just being on a major carpet, but she seemed to be smile cringing the whole time. I would have liked to see something else with the hair other than a Cher straight down the middle sleek style. Maybe a fun pony or something? Otheriwse, the color is excellent on her and the fit is also really good. Maybe a fun statement earring could have made this more exciting? IDK….


Viola Davis in Marchesa: This color is amazing on her! It makes her already gorgeous skin look so beautiful and rich. The lip is an excellent compliment, being slightly darker than the dress but still in the same family shade. My only issue is the fabric chose. It’s not my favorite, and I’m not even sure what it is. Is it taffeta? Satin?? Not sure but it’s not working between the wrinkles and the puckering at the darts for her breasts. Other than that, I think the neckline detailing is gorgeous and the color makes this dress.


Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta: This is the best Tina Fey has EVER looked on a red carpet, hands down. You rarely see Tina in a color, so this is really special and stunning on her. The kelly green is perfect. I wish the earring was something with more of a pop, maybe like a turquoise, but it’s not a complete miss. The fit is spot on as well. She looks effortless and gorgeous from head to toe. I wanna give her a thumbs and a kudos lol like a nerdy, proud mom would!


Priyanka Chopra in Jason Wu: While this would be a win on Tina Fey (see above), this is not a win on Priyanka for me. She killed at the Academy Awards earlier this year. And this, well it’s just kinda a cop out. It’s a presenter’s dress, but she’s more beautiful than your average presenter so I wanted more for her. I hate it when the red of the dress blends into the red of the carpet too. Also, the fit around the waist with the weird gapping and belt slightly drooping just looks so whomp whomp. I’m not into this look and am already hoping whatever she wears to the next award show is better.

Mandy Moore in Prabal Gurung: Ugh, I do not like this look at all. First of all, the whole appearance looks weighed down. The hair is weighing down here face and the ruffles are weighing down the dress. It’s just not good. I am mildly indifferent to the color of the dress. I think the ruffles are worse than the color along with the sheer skirt. I don’t even know what’s going on with that – it’s weird an unnecessary. Also, is it just me or do her boobs look uneven? There is something strange going on around the bust area, particularly underneath, that I cannot for the life of me figure out. The lip color is the only size grace; however, I want to smack the face “look” she’s giving everyone. What is that look?? Is it the I have a sinus infection and now I have to breathe out of my mouth look? I don’t like it. I don’t think she necessarily needs to smile, but whatever this is, it has to stop.


Regina King in Elizabeth Kennedy: Oh dear God this dress is BAD. Holy taffeta wrinkles Batman! The wrinkles, the gapping and puckering around the hips, waists and thighs – it’s all just wrong. Can we please resign taffeta to homecoming dresses only from now on? Like high schoolers are the only ones who should be in this fabric because they need to be embarrassed by what they wore 5 to 10 years after the fact. Celebrities should not have to endure this hideous fabric…Or maybe they should? Maybe it’s a designer conspiracy, and they know it’s a shitty fabric so they put celebs in it to make them look bad, like jokes on you sucks! Sorry, I have a thing with conspiracies, sometimes. Regardless from the top of the tits up, she looks flawless. I love the dainty necklace, and her hair and make-up are very beautiful. She should just burn the dress.


Sarah Paulson in Prada: Can we all just take a moment for how stunning this whole look is? Literally obsessed. When I saw it on the carpet I was like OMG (and I only had two other OMG moments). But man, this is PERFECTION. The color on her is wonderful while the intricate bead work highlights her skin tone perfectly. You know I love a great deep-V, and this deep-V was spot on. It elongated her neckline, highlighting her boobs beautifully. The sleeve length is also exactly where it should be to make the whole dress look effortlessly cool. Long sleeves would have made it too Ellie Saab, short cap sleeves would have been too cutesy and sleeveless would have been too much skin with the deep-V. I love how they almost looked kinda scrunched up, like she pushed them up. Finally, I’m dying over the geometric consternating shape of the earring. The beadwork of the dress is so organic, you would have thought she or her stylist would have picked some bold starburst shaped statement earring. On the contrary! The rectangle/square combo is the perfect contrast. If you cannot tell, I am obsessed with this look.


Minnie Driver: Ummm awkward…I couldn’t find who she was wearing…That’s super awkward. It’s probably because no one wants to take credit for this hot mess. Yellow is great on her, but everything is terrible. I do not know what’s going on at the neckline. It’s like someone glued the two pieces together haphazardly. The whole dress looks like someone’s bad home economics project. Like “Look Mom! I learned how to sew today”-bad! I also don’t understand the length. It needs to be shorter or longer but not where it is hitting. Sorry Minnie – this did not work for you.



Amy Poehler in Pamella Roland: I think I like this solely because of the gold chain necklace…? Can I like a look based on one part of it? Maybe I like more? The color is puke green, but it actually is working…so I like that, I think. I feel like the little cape shawl thing would be kinda fun, so maybe I like that too. Her bracelet stack, I definitely like that. Lastly, hair and make-up are looking good, so I like that, too. I guess there was more than just the gold chain, even though that is by the best part of the whole look. It’s so unexpected and hits perfectly, not overlapping with the dress’ neckline at all.



Ellie Kemper in Jenny Packham: Nine times out of ten I will hate a Jenny Packham gown. Congrats Ellie because I don’t hate yours! I thought this dress was really pretty on her when I saw her on the carpet. The color and beadwork were complimenting her skin and perfectly. The whole color story gave me an autumn vibe which made me for like a hot second kinda think I could do autumn, but I can’t obvi lol. The fit and hem are also working. The only thing I would change is her eye make-up. It’s hiding her eyes as opposed to making them pop.

Claire Danes in Schiaparelli: Oh boy…her make-up artist got a little too bronzer/highlighter happy on top of what looks like a spray tan that wasn’t washed off. It’s like she woke up and decided she liked the insta-bonzer and didn’t shower. The more I look at it though, the more I blame the bronzer. The over spray tan COULD POTENTIALLY be passed off as a quick trip to Cabo without sunblock. Her lip color isn’t helping the make-up bronzer issue either. It needed to be like a bright orange-y red or some kind of color – not a two shade darker nude that matches the bronzer streak. So then there is the dress – I wish the bottom wasn’t two-faced. Like I would have preferred the left not fitted side but also would have taken the fitted side if I had too as well…It’s just why both? Why give the dress a dual personality? Also, the bust situation is not the best either. My husband was like oh it’s cuz her boobs are small, and I was like no, that’s not the problem (small boobs are actually preferred for this kinda top.) The problem is the width of the area covering her boobs is too small, giving it a weird proportion. On top of that, the strange (and unnecessary) tassel necklace is off-centered, drawing attention to the odd bust situation. It’s such a shame because the back of this dress is EVERYTHING, and she really could have had a true “moment” had there not been so many misses.

That wraps up our colorful ladies! Going to move on top the blush, nude, whites and lighter side of the spectrum!

The Light Side:


Olivia Culpo in Zac Posen: I don’t know why she was there, but for some reason, I really like this dress. I think it’s the most interesting looking dress by Zac Posen like ever (my sister is gonna yell at me for saying that probably.) I don’t even like illusion dresses, but this reminds me of a sheer like rain coat with fun dots. Sorry you had to put up with this one. It just made me happy. PS I don’t like her cone-head hair. That ruined it.


Sofia Vergara in Versace: I don’t even really want to talk about this, but I do have to say she looks like Miss Colombia in the Miss Universe pageant. It’s boring and snoozefest USA. NEXT!


Michelle Dockery in Oscar de la Renta: I think I really hate ruffles. Yep. I hate them. Also, the top of the dress does not fit her at all. It looks like it’s being held up strictly by boning and prayers to baby Jesus that it doesn’t fall down. Her hair is so boring. She needs to do something different with it. I don’t even know what though. That’s the sad thing. Also, can someone please show up in a shoe that is not the Stuart Weitzman Nudist or some kind of similar version?!?! Every blogger out there has beaten the Nudist to death, time to move on.


Emilia Clark in Versace: She was close to being a best dressed for me when I saw her on the carpet because I thought this was the perfect naked dress. It fit her like a glove and the color matches her skin to a T. It’s bananas how good it looked on TV last night. BUT BUT BUT!!!! What is that flat top hair!?!? NO! Insert no girl emoji here. It’s soooo bad, I literally cannot! The center part is not helping either, but any bad bridal hairstyle would not have worked with this dress. On top of that, her eye make-up is doing NOTHING for her eyes – it was weird…the make-up almost made them disappear. Then there are her unshaped eyebrows. Maybe she can’t shape them cuz of filming or something, but all those stray hairs are not my jam. She doesn’t need Kardashian precision; however, a little clean-up around the brow would have helped a lot.


Heidi Klum in Michael in Kors: Well, Euro-trash is her MO now, she doing it so well! I actually think this would have worked if it had two sleeves. And again, with that damn shoe!

Keri Russell in Stephane Rolland & Anna Chlumsky in Christian Siriano: I put these together not because I’m getting tired (I am) but because they are kinda the same, non? I don’t hate either of them either. Anna looks like she’s having move fun in her’s, and her’s is obviously more fun and looks SUPER comfortable. But Keri’s looks comfortable too. I actually wonder if I would be obsessed with Keri’s had she worn that as a mini dress. I feel like that would have been really cool actually. Maybe either off them as mini dresses!

Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad: I love a princess moment on any carpet so DUH! LOVE IT! I actually really like how the base of the dress is flesh toned, she kept her make-up simple and nude. I think it really brings out the detail in the embroidery of the dress. It’s gorgeous! I also love the super casual, non-fussy hair. If I were to ever cut my hair short again (which I won’t) this would be my #hairgoals. The only thing not doing it for me are the Forever Mark diamonds. The earrings are not great and the bracelet cuff doesn’t go. I think some rose gold jewelry would have been really neutrally beautiful.

That’s a wrap on the light side ladies. Not many people went for light this year! Onward to the black and darker gowns!

The Dark Side:


Kirsten Dunst in Givenchy Haute Couture: I’m super meh on this dress. It’s very similar to the Valentino she wore to the Golden Globes earlier this year. I prefer the Valentino over this look too. Her hair is making me feel kinda Bring it On-y too. What’s not working for me is that sheer skirt. If it were lined, I’d like this a lot better. Make-up looks nice though.

Maisie Williams: Another unknown designer. I really love the dress. I think it’s so cute and age appropriate. She’s obviously having fun in it too! It looks great on her. I even love therein eye shadow. It’s super fun on her. My beef is with the bangs. It’s making her look like Kylie Jenner (pre-new face), and that’s sad cuz she’s so much prettier than Kylie (pre-new face). Sophie Turner needs to tell her to ditch the fringe ASAP!

Sophie Turner in Valentino: This was my other “wow” moment (one more to come.) On the carpet, this looked stunned. She was like a dark angel goth princess. I love the color of her hair in contrast to the black down and red eye make-up. On TV the red eye make-up really made her blue eyes pop. It was amazing. Also, you already know I’m not a fan of sheer skirts, but this nude-lined skirt was perfection, bringing out the soft detailing in the lace. It was like Gwyneth’s McQueen done right. I absolutely loved loved loved this look!

Constance Wu in J. Mendel: This was almost an OMG moment. I really really enjoy this look. Constance looks like a 70’s disco queen and is totally owning while having a blast. The material of the dress is so fun with the metallic vertical print, especially being highlighted by the tiny little pleats. It’s amazing! The dress fits her well and adding a slight shoulder pad gives the gown some structure against the drapes sleeves. The jewelry is my favorite! Gretchen Wieners would die over that hoop earring lol. But no, seriously, the hoop and delicate chain add to the 70’s appeal of the look. Finally, I love that she topped it off with a fun pony! This dress did not need anything fussy on top. Couldn’t love this more.

Kerry Washington in Brandon Maxwell: This, my friends, was my finally OMG WOW moment. Holy cannoli Kerry looks A-MAZE-ING! I freaking LOVE this look. I think it’s awesome she did a form fitting, cut-out dress with her bump! It looks so good! It’s really the bump that is making this dress because without it, it would be another T. Swift cut-out snoozefest. But the dress fits her like a glove (not easy being preggo I am sure.) And then there is the cape! It’s so perfect, elevating the look even higher! She kept her make-up simple because on top is the greatest hair of the night. Her hair looks so freaking good, completely complimenting the overall look and feel of the ensemble. So good Kerry!

So that wraps up my overall review of the Emmy’s 2016 red carpet! Now it’s time for my best and worst dressed!!

Best Dressed:


Sarah Paulson in Prada: I mean, I kinda gave it away above. I love everything about this look so much. Second best is Kerry Washington!!

Worst Dressed:


Mandy Moore in Prabal Gurung: This was hard for me this year. It’s too easy to pick Heidi Klum (duh), but I kept getting angrier about different looks as I was reviewing them. Mandy wins though. She wins because I think she can do better than this. I want to see better. She needs better hair, better styling, better everything…this look was a shame. Second place was Minnie Driver in that home-ec make-shift dress.

Honorable Mention:


The Stranger Things Kids! Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Millie Bobby Brown respectively. They were so darn cute on the carpet. Gaten said he went to a tux rental place. Caleb’s jacket was custom made! And Millie Bobby Brown was in RED Valentino with a custom clutch like Taraji P. Henson’s. They were the best!

Hope you enjoyed my 2016 Emmy’s red carpet review. Stay tuned all award season for more!

Peace out,

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