The Last Day of Summer!

If you have been following along with me for awhile, you know I LOVE SUMMER! Summer is my everything and winter is a vast void of nothing and despair for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like fall. I enjoy the crisp air and crunch of golden and bronze leaves falling just as much as the next person. As your standard Basic Bitch, I love leggings and long sweaters with a good blanket scarf and a warm beverage (not a PSL – never had one and probably never will.) But autumn is a gateway to the dark, gray gloom of winter. Because of that, I can’t fully love it. I know, oh I KNOW what is to come next!!! Me, falling apart in my cube at work on a particularly gloomy, soul-crushingly cold February day where the sun hasn’t shone weeks!

Today instead I’m going to focus on the fact that it’s still technically summer! In honor of that, I’m featuring one last summer outfit centering pineapples – because what says summer more than a pair of jorts, a pineapple T and pineapple slip-on kicks? Not much my friends.

One Last Summer Outfit:




Pineapple T-Shirt: c/0 ROMWE (only $10.99 – I’m wearing a small for reference) ~ Shorts: Blank NYC Denim (Sold out)/Similar: Darker, Distressed & On Sale!Darker, Cuffed & On Sale!, and Same color, Not distressed & On sale! ~ Shoes: BucketFeet (more than 50% off) & a flamingo pair on sale because they are so cute ~ Crossbody Purse: Marc Jacobs (old), Hot Pink Version, Blue Version, Michael Kors Gold Crossbody, Sunnies: Ray-Ban; Bracelet: Pitaya (Old – From College) ~ Necklace: Tiny Shamrock from Etsy

The best part about this look is everything is so super cheap because summer stuff is on sale! Sometimes I can’t resist buying pieces I know I will still love at the end of the season because the deals are so good. Like with all the jorts and the Bucket Feet up there, the prices are so good, and I know I will be wearing them next summer, too! Hope you enjoyed my last official summer look. There may or may not actually be another, but it’ll be tied in with something else so don’t worry. I will transition to those long sweaters, flannel shirts and leggings when it stops being 80° here in Chicago, I promise!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care


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