In a world where you are married to a wonderful person, own a home, work full time (plus two hour round trip commute), work out, follow your passions, occasionally lay out in the sun, spend time with your fam, and have an adorable/spiteful cat, sometimes you wonder out loud scrolling through your insta-feed “WTF?! There is no way that Insta-celebrity-fashion blogger-lifestyle guru is so fabulous on a budget while juggling life without a personal assistant.” So, here we are, or more importantly here I am living real life.

With a life nowadays that now seems so pressured to be perfectly curated, Pinterest-planned, mason-jarred and Insta-liked, the everyday chick can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed from time to time. Out of the frustration of seeing Céline bags, glitter and gold, Wet Hair, Don’t Care was born. Here we are going to try to balance the sparkle with real life – the cute and the messy. Sometimes, you don’t stroll into work in a gorgoues wrinkle-free outfit with a perfect blowout and glam-squad make-up, and that’s okay. We need to celebrate the glamour AND the times you trek a mile to get to your office in sub-zero temps dressed like a walking sleeping bag. Hopefully, at Wet Hair, Don’t Care, you can find a fresh perspective for a “lifestyle,” that won’t make you wonder “who has time for that?”
Peace out,
Wet Hair, Don’t Care

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  1. John Hill
    September 3, 2015 / 2:50 am

    Love the idea, love who cares don’t care concept, get it on and have fun. Life was meant to live once and everyday is a new experience. Make it happen, make the ones you are close to feel loved, and experience the unknown!

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