Why You Should Wear Neon to the Office & How!


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The day after I cut off 11 inches of my hair for donation, I walked into my VP’s office and asked if he noticed anything different (my hair). He responded by saying, “You aren’t wearing neon today.” He was right, I did not have on any neon, but that wasn’t the point of my pop-in lol. I took the neon comment as a compliment! Working in a very conservative, corporate environment, I take pride in my neon apparel. Because of this, I believe, everyone should be wearing neon to the office for these three particular reasons.

Why Wear Neon at the Office:

  1. You will stand out in the workplace. It’s important for people to notice you at work, even if it’s for your bright clothing. Because of your clothing, colleagues and superiors will take notice when you speak up in meetings. Obviously, you know your work’s dress code, so choose neon or bright pieces that fit within it. You don’t want to be known for breaking the rules, but adding a hot pink sweater will give you that extra punch and maybe a pep in your step.
  2. To go along with reason one, wearing neon at work gives you more confidence. I usually put a little bit more effort into my neon outfits over a basic black or gray look. With the little extra effort and standing out in the workplace, your confidence increases, directly positively impacting your work product. Having more confidence means you are more efficient, willing to speak up and/or take on more or new projects. This will only benefit you in the long run with your colleagues and superiors.
  3. Finally, being bright and bold at work will also brighten your mood! Neon is an instant mood booster. Even on the grayest days, my citron dress perks up my spirits. In a sea of beige, black and neutral, neon shines like sunlight cracking through a cloudy day! Your personality will definitely reflect the change in wardrobe and everyone around you will appreciate that (as long as you aren’t tooooo peppy lol.)

But how do you wear neon without looking ridiculous? I’ve got some tips for you!

How to Wear Neon at the Office:

  1. Go for the all-over bright – This means you go all out with the main piece of your wardrobe being neon like my dress in the pics above. You can pick a dress, skirt, top (other than a cardigan because I consider that an accent) or pants, making overall look of the outfit neon.
  2. Colorblock it – For example, both your top and bottom are two bright neon or bold colors. Initially, in the art world, colorblocking took bold opposite colors and paired them together. In fashion, opposite colors work; however, colors in the same family also go well together. Think neon pink and a bright red or citron green and electric blue. The easiest way to colorblock is with a solid top in one color and a solid bottom in another. You can also colorblock with your blazer or cardigan as well (see the pinspo collage below.)
  3. Balance it out – If you are going to wear a main piece neon or colorblock, I would recommend toning the accessories down. In my outfit below, I’ve pair my citron dress with neutral pumps and a gray statement necklace to balance the whole look. You don’t want to end up looking like Rainbow Brite at work.
  4. Pops of neon – If you are too afraid to go bold from head to toe to start, try accessorizing with neon. Simple pops of bright in your jewelry with a statement necklace or fun earrings is like dipping your toe in the neon pool. It will elevate your outfit and start you on the path to bolder and brighter looks to come. Other good ways to work in a pop of neon are cardigans, pumps, belts or even your nails!

I have my outfit above  as an example along with a pinspo collage I made and keep scrolling to shop plenty of options for bright, bold neon clothes! Also, click here to follow my neon board on Pinterest!


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