The Most Moisturizing Skincare Treatment for Under 50 Cents!


Cold,  dry winter air can wreak havoc on our skin this time of year. Compounded with the dry heat of our homes and office, our skin can turn itchy and dry really fast, despite applying lotions and creams consistently. My sister, Aquaphor queen, recently told me she started taking coconut oil baths to relieve her dry skin. She said the coconut oil was the most moisturizing thing she’s ever done for her skin. I asked her how she came about this idea, like did she see or read it somewhere? She came up with the idea on her own, stating her skin was so dry and itchy one day that she “just wanted to bathe in coconut oil” so she did. I knew I had to try for myself!

The Setup

This is actually pretty easy. All you need is a bathtub and coconut oil. Fill the bathtub with warm water and 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, depending on the size of your bathtub. Our tub is large; therefore, I put in 2 tablespoons. If you want, you can add your favorite essential oils to the water to create a more spa-like feel. I usually put on a sheet mask during the process as well. This Miss Spa Hydrating Mask is my favorite right now and only $3 at Target! You can’t beat that. The mask leaves your face incredibly moisturized. You can play some calming music, light your favorite scented candle, a bath pillow and relax!

More Info About The Bath

So of course this is going to hydrate your thirsty winter skin like nobody’s business, but here are a few other things to know:

  • If you have jets in your tub, DO NOT turn them on during the bath – the coconut oil will clog the jets
  • The cost of this bath is SO cheap – my coconut oil is from Sam’s Club and is 56 oz and was $14, coming out to be 24 cents per bath (because I use 2 tablespoons). This one from Amazon is $17 and is about 16 cents per tablespoon so the bath will be about 16 to 32 cents. SO CHEAP!!!
  • When you got out of the tub, BE CAREFUL – it will be very slippery
  • You also might want to wipe down the tub if you don’t plan on doing it again for awhile since the tub will be slick
  • When I get out of the bath, I actually moisturize again with a body butter like this one to lock it all in – not sure if that matters or not, but I like it
  • I don’t shower afterwards because I don’t want to wash all the coconut oil goodness away
  • I would recommend doing it at night as you will be a slippery afterwards – it’s best to put on a comfy pair of sweats and continue the relaxation. You can go out afterwards, but the dry time will be much longer than normal lotion!

Favorite Bathtime Essentials


Bathtime Essentials:

Essential Oils:

The Wrap-Up

In the end, this bath will rehydrate your skin as well as give you some much needed rest and relaxation. I really hope you enjoy it as much as my sister and I do, and one of my besties who recently tried it too! I hope to keep featuring some of my other favorite moisturizing and hydrating tips to combat your dry winter skin so stay tuned for more!!

Peace out,

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