2017 Golden Globes Fashion Round-Up!

The 2017 Golden Globes kicks officially kicks off award season which officially starts my slew of fashion review posts! There is so much to cover and so I even had to leave out. Overall, I thought the fashion was pretty decent. Of course, there were great misses, but there were plenty of excellent looks to balance it out. I had trouble picking a best dressed though. There were so many contenders, all with something slightly off…so stay tuned through the whole post because as you probably know, I don’t review them until the end. Lets begin!

Emma Stone in Valentino:

Emma Stone is actually my first would-be best dressed, BUT the teardrop choker is killing it for me. Okay, maybe “killing it” is an exaggeration; however, the necklace, did kind of kill it. First the dress – I am literally obsessed with this dress. The pale pink with her skin gives the appearance these magical stars are floating all her without it being an actual illusion ice-capades dress held together with that stupid nylon netting. (Side bar – there were less of those dresses this go around – THANK YOU BABY JESUS.) The low criss-cross back was amazing as well. Emma’s dress is gorgeous. Valentino is a visionary for doing something different. The hair actually didn’t do anything for me either. This is meh prom hair. I like it up, yet maybe it coulda been in a fun pony or something…this is just blah hair. Finally, we get back to the stupid choker. It’s so completely unnecessary. The purpose of a deep-V plunge is to elongate the neckline; whereas, this dumb necklace cuts her neck. On top of that, I feel like it’s an old person’s necklace. Like something an old deathly lady would put on for another gala she is attending. Ugh – bottom line, I hate the necklace, LOVE the dress and unimpressed by the hair.

Reese Witherspoon in Versace:

A lot of ladies wore yellow last night. Reese’s yellow Versace is my second best yellow dress of the night. I’m not usually a Versace girl, but I thought Reese looked amazing last night. I think it’s the best she’s looked since her Nina Ricci days. In fact, I think that’s why I like it so much, because it reminds me of the yellow Nina Ricci she wore to the 2007 Globes are her divorce from Ryan Phillippe. This yellow is a bit softer, complimenting her hair color perfectly. The dress fits her beautifully, with the criss-cross design on the bodice accentuating her figure. Finally, her necklace doesn’t ruin her dress but tops the look off. Reese nailed it last night in my opinion.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton:

Ugh this dress is horrible. This might be one of my worst out there. To start, the lace is grandma tablecloth lace from Jo Ann fabrics. There is nothing special or exquisite about that lace. Even the weird non-color of the lace is boring. Like is it gray or white? I don’t even know. The draping off the shoulder is nice, but then you get the bust which looks like it was constructed by a junior in home-ec class trying to “make their prom dress.” Finally, we have the dumb bow choker. BTW I don’t hate chokers – it might seem that way, but I don’t. It’s just this looks that same home-ec stupid found some black ribbon and thought oh this will make a great necklace. A shoelace bow choker is not for a Golden Globes nominee. MAYBE Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner could pull it off at like the VMA’s or Grammy’s, but nope! Not here. Not on Michelle Williams.

Ruth Negga in Louis Vuitton:

To be honest, I don’t know how this dress and Michelle William’s dress are by the same house. It is mind boggling to me. Also, in full disclosure, I didn’t really know who Ruth Negga was; however, I’m glad I do now because this look is just great! Even though it’s a metallic dress and there were a lot of metallics out there, this one looks like pure liquid on her. On top of gorgeous beading, the seam-detailing along the bust, sides and sleeves adds a little something extra as well as the cool front zipper. I kinda wanna unzip it lol. It’s like a scuba suit! I also love the way the length of the sleeve matches the under-bust seam. It’s visually very appealing. On top of all this, her simple hair make-up keep the focus on the dress which I appreciate. Nice work Ruth!

Jessica Biel in Elie Saab:

I liked this a lot better on TV as opposed to in photographs. I feel like it had something more on TV…not sure why it’s falling flat now in photos…maybe if the chest-gap came to a V at the bottom instead of a straight-line it might visually look better or more? i think the colors on the flowers popped more on TV too. Mer – IDK…It’s not the worst but not the best. Just kinda there I guess. That slicked hair is kinda meh too…

Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra:

This was a custom made tux for her. She wanted to wear it to show girls that dresses are not a requirement. I like that message. She looks badass in it, too. The fit of this tux is exceptionally. It is tailored within an inch of her life. I love this. The only thing that is keeping it from best dressed is that the bow + low white vest kinda reminds me of like something our forefathers would wear? Like that coulda been taken from the set of Hamilton? Is anyone else seeing that? I think I would have preferred it with a tailored white tuxedo shirt with black buttons. But overall, it’s pretty great.

Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren:

If you know anything from these fashion reviews, you know I’m obsessed with Priyanka Chopra. She is so freaking gorgeous and hot, I literally cannot! Again, she looks amazing. I love the dark lip with this dress. The dress is pretty, but it’s a presenter dress which is fine! No biggy there. I am going to nitpick on the tear drop necklace…I don’t think it was necessary. It looks like a necklace some sugar daddy gave her, and she felt obligated to wear it. She does not need that necklace. Maybe I hate necklaces? No…probably tear drop necklaces though.

Hailee Steinfeld in Vera Wang:

Holy fuck this is a hot mess. Legit, from head to toe, this is BAD…I feel bad for Hailee. She doesn’t deserve this. First off, the color is way too juvenile for her. She’s 20 year old multi-talented artist wearing LAVENDER. This a color that a 6 year old wears for Easter, not a 20 year old to the Golden Globes. The skirt is not hemmed properly either – it’s way too long and one layer is finished and then other is not. I don’t know why…Then we get to the top. There is SO MUCH going on with this top. The weird boob-fans are not making any sense to me…They look like fold up paper fans, right?? Then we have illusion netting everywhere going up to an odd rhinestone crewneck necklace? But wait – that’s not it! Then we have cold shoulder draping with the same illusion netting. It’s all too much. Those gross rhinestones are cheaping out the dress just as much as the offensive lavender. And when I said head to toe, I meant head to toe. The hair is lame, coupled with her LAVENDER EYE SHADOW – it’s like she doesn’t have that bad prom pic that we all have so she’s like I got this! This is going to be my bad prom look.

Natalie Portman in Prada:

This was my least favorite yellow of the night. It looks dingy…like a dirty yellow and not mustard enough. The whole look is supposed to be a nod to Jackie Kennedy’s Oleg Cassini Inauguration Gown which kinda bugs me a lil. Like yea, we get it your jonesing for an Oscar nom…trying to make everyone believe you are Jackie, BUT you aren’t Jackie, and this kinda just looks desperate. If it wasn’t a direct translation from Jacquelin Kennedy, I don’t think I would be as bothered by it. With Natalie doing it though, it’s so much “try.” And finally, the white beading looks like cake icing and also an after-thought. Like someone looked at it and was like this is kinda boring, lets sew on some white beads…blah.

Mandy Moore in Naeem Khan:

This was another almost-best-dressed-but-not-quite-there for me. At first, I was like omg love! But at closer look, I have to be a nitpicky bitch…so what am I going to nitpick? I don’t love the seam where the cape attaches to the dress. I KNOW! SO MINOR….I KNOW! But it just looks off to me. It looks like the cape is pulling on the dress. I dunno, I can’t get over it. Next the fit on the side could be a little better and the belt coulda been a lil more exciting. Otherwise, I do love it! I promise…I also love the center part in her hair, making the whole look very symmetrical. Her statement earring was perfect as well. Sorry Mandy, you are almost there.

Kerry Washington in Dolce & Gabbana:

I have mixed feelings about this dress. Again, it’s yellow and the 3rd best yellow of the night. I actually like the lace a lot along with the shoulders. I really love the shoulders actually. The sheer aspect of the dress reminds me of Fergie’s orange Jean Paul Gaultier dress from the 2012 Grammy’s. I think it’s the black granny panty bodice she has going on which is doing that. I’m not a tea length fan either. Pretty much, any tea length dress will be a nope from me because I always feel like it hits people so awkwardly. The length cuts them. The shoes also remind me of bad dance shoes and are again, cutting the foot up. The bow is mildly unfortunate, being stuck to the dress with no dimension and weird broaches. On the flip though, her hair and make-up is stunning. I love the pin straight hair on her. So, as I previously stated, mixed feelings on this one.

Kristen Bell in Jenny Packham & Amy Adams in Tom Ford:

I put these together because they are so similar with the black liquid sequins. This is going to be fashion blasphemy, but I like Kristen Bell’s comprehensive look better than Amy Adams. GASP! Adams is wearing Tom Ford though…yea, I get it. The sequins are actually better (especially side by side) than Bell’s Packham, but Adams’ Tom Ford is such a snooze. I’ve never been a fan of a straight high-neckline on a strapless gown. I feel like it makes the person look like they are shrugged up in the shoulders as opposed to highlighting a gorgeous collar bone. The hair is not exciting either. Bell on the other hand looks like great. Maybe it’s a combo of just how comfortable she looks in her dress and her fun hair, but I’m feeling her vibe. She wins the black sequins!

Lily Collins in Zuhair Murad Couture:

I love a princess moment on the red carpet which is exactly what this is! She looks like a princess, and it’s amazing. Even the tier of the skirt which would normally bother me, doesn’t! I usually hate and illusion, ice skater neckline but I don’t here either. This is just so pretty with all the tulle and lace embroidery. I can’t help but love it. And she has an amazing braided bun, like a crown on top of her head. Perfection!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera Wang Bridal:

I just can’t even with this disaster. Why is she wearing a wedding gown!?!?! An ill-fitting rumply satin wedding gown?! WHY?! It’s terrible for obvious reasons. Then she tops it off with a smokey eye that is making her eye look smaller rather than bigger and a heidi or princess leia (?) crown braid. I don’t think it was for Carrie Fisher though. It’d be better if it was for Carrie, maybe.

Sienna Miller in Michael Kors Collection:

This dress/look is bipolar. It’s a cross between Julia Robert’s hooker look from Pretty Woman in the middle, the top is a mormon wedding dress, the pearls are southern sorority sister during third invite, the pony is lazy college student heading to class and the skirt is nothing to me. That literally sums up all my thoughts on this Sienna Miller Michael Kors miss!

Viola Davis in Michael Kors Collection:

MY BEST DRESSED YELLOW!!! (Recap of my yellow picks in order: 1: Viola Davis, 2: Reese Witherspoon, 3: Kerry Washington and 4: Natalie Portman.) I absolutely LOVE this dress on Viola. This is the best she has EVER looked on the carpet, and I am quite frequently a fan of hers. Holy cannoli this yellow just pops on her, highlighting her great skin. The fit is impeccable, hugging her in all the right places. It’s amazing. I love that her hair was kept simple in a clean bob, along with simple diamond jewelry. Perfection – she looked so good. She might be my runner up for best dressed actually! Love it!

Janelle Monáe in custom Armani:

This is a mess; however, I think I actually love it. What? You just said it was a mess…yes, yes…I know I did. She took a risk and did something completely different, creating a look for head to toe. You can tell every detail was thought out in this look, and that is something I appreciate. I actually think it’d look a lot messy without the black tulle, but I get it. I also love the dots in her hair, topping off the complete polka dot look.

Best & Worst Dressed

There were so many other looks out there, but I’m running out of steam…The rest of the looks hoover between the nice to really bad not worth the commentary. So I’m gonna jump to my best and worst dressed! This was hard because there were so many so close for best dressed…SO MANY…still debating Viola Davis – she looked amazing. The worst dressed was hard too. SJP and Hailee Steinfeld were such misses along with whatever the fuck Michelle Williams was wearing. I can always take the easy route on that too and just pick Heidi Klum, but naw…that’s too easy. So here we go!

Best Dressed:

Blake Lively in Atelier Versace:

God, I’m obsessed with this. She looks amazing!!! The fit of this luxe black velvet gown is unbelievable. The tailoring through the bodice is so perfect. I wonder if there is a corset in there. It’s amazing. I love the chain-link gold pockets and draping. The pockets are so fresh, and I’m glad the did the chain-link up along the neckline to tie it in some more. The emerald bracelets are great, too! I’m glad she did two of those, mirroring the pocket detail, balancing the look out. So great! Finally, you can’t see it in this pic, but her hair was badass. From top to bottom, Blake’s look was completely flawless.

Worst Dressed:

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen:

This is just the worst. This wins worst dressed overall because it’s just that much of a mess, and it’s NICOLE KIDMAN!!!! She can do so much better. Starting at the bottom, the ruffled to metallic ice dress is a chaos. It doesn’t make any sense. Then it’s more of that sheer illusion netting that is so three years ago. Nicole Kidman should not be this late on Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce’s favorite trend. I hate that I can see the boning in the bodice along with the bust outline. The spaghetti straps matching the bone is a detail I can do without and aren’t even resting in the right place. Then she has the cold shoulder trend but not really because of the spaghetti straps. I hate the sleeves. I hate that they are too long. I hate the fringe at the cuff and ruffle at the top. It’s just too much. PICK A TREND! ONE TREND AND STICK WITH IT! Finally, her hair and make-up is no good either. They make-up isn’t horrible, but it’s not special. The lip is disappointing and the smokey-eye is whatever. The hair is limp wedding hair. I hate it all.

And there you have it my friends. My 2017 Golden Globe Fashion Round-Up. I hope you had as much fun reading as I did reviewing!! Stay tuned for the rest of award season to come 🙂

Peace out,

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