My Top Guilty Pleasures

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I’m back! Sorry I missed last two Friday Feels – consider this a delayed Friday Feels. We are remodeling our basement which I cannot wait to show you guys. Two Fridays ago I helped my husband wash the floor.  This past Friday had work shiz an day bro-in-law in town.  And I’m sorry I’ve been MIA posting – this Cubs play-off run has gotten me severely off schedule. (WELL WORTH IT THOUGH – GO CUBS GO!) I did a previous Friday Feels post here about being a Cubbies fan, and right now, there isn’t much room for anything but watching games, sleep and work! I promise, I will get back to normal schedule soon – even got some stuff shot this past weekend to share with you all!

So, today is Halloween and I was snacking on a fun size Snickers when I promised myself I was not going to eat anymore Halloween candy we bought…I started to feel guilty about it, especially since I was watching all of last night’s Bravo line-up when I was like I should write my guilty pleasures post! I was definitely eating that Snickers and laying on the couch knowing a) I shouldn’t be and b) I would feel bad about it, but not really. I’ve been wanting to talk about my favorite guilty pleasures for awhile now, too. Quite frankly, there is no better time because my TOP TV guilty pleasure is coming back on the air November 7th!

Guilty Pleasure Categories

I actually only have two main categories of guilty pleasures. They are food (obi) and TV. I almost never feel bad about getting a massage, facial or mani/pedi. I feel as though those things are more along the lines of personal maintenance rather than “guilty pleasures.” For me, a guilty pleasure is something you know is kind of bad for you or not benefiting you with your health, wellness, goals or intellect but you just love it so much you can’t help but do it, like Bravo and pizza. Therefore, food and TV are the only things I feel like I do that are kinda bad, but oh so good in the moment.

My TV List

This isn’t very complicated, but my guilty pleasure TV list is pretty much anything on Bravo TV – I don’t really discriminate when it comes to Bravo. Andy Cohen is basically a mad genius and developed the best worst TV possible. Highlights include: Vanderpump Rules (I think this might be my #1 – coming back on Nov 7th EEEEEE!!!!!), Real Housewives of the following: New York (if you did not see last season – wow, missing out, majorly missing out), Jersey and Beverly Hills (sometimes I love and sometimes I hate), super rando guilty please, but Ladies of London (idk why – just love it) and finally, recently, Watch Happens Live (Andy gets THE BEST gossip from the people on his show – it’s SO GOOD).

So are there any TV guilty pleasures not Bravo related? Yep, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Total Divas/maybe Total Bellas – haven’t watched TB yet but will probably marathon it. What about non-“reality” related? Ok…fine – I have a problem where I love to rewatch every season of the Gilmore Girls – alone, there is no way my husband would sit through that, and really, I don’t think i’d want him there anyways. I’ve done it at least 4 times now. I also sometimes just binge watch random shiz of Hulu or Netflix like any normal person out there.

My Food List

Numero uno on this list is pizza. Like with Bravo, I do not discriminate again ANY pizza (except Gino’s East – ew) out there in the world. Pizza is a slam dunk for me. When I splurge, it’s usually on carbs and cheese. I love all carbs equally and cheese is a close second. I can even be as basic as good fashion bread and butter – yum.

I don’t typically pick sweets often, but lately, given the time of year, I’ve been on a major sweet binge (need to fix that!) I can’t resist S’mores or brownies, ever. For my birthday this year, my husband made me S’MORES BROWNIES (like combined), and I legit died and went to heaven. That was a lethal combo for me. And since it’s candy time right now, Snickers are my everything. In fact, I may or may not munching on a few fun size ones right now. Runner-ups on the candy front include Twix, Milky Way and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I clearly have a chocolate problem. The first step is admitting right? So I’m good lol.

So in the end, I have my vices out there, that I say I feel guilty about, but you know, what? You only live once and as long as it’s in moderation, why the heck not? What are some of your fave guilty pleasures? Lemme know! Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care



    • Wet Hair, Don't Care
      November 1, 2016 / 9:02 am

      Thanks so much lady! I need to snag the recipe from my husband and do a post on them! They were AMAZING 😀

    • Wet Hair, Don't Care
      December 28, 2016 / 2:19 pm

      Thanks lady! Been MIA but appreciate you stopping by!

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