Finally a Fitness Post! September’s Fitness Goals!

September's Fitness GoalsonWet Hair, Don't

Holy cannoli! It’s already September…this year is sadly flying by. I wanted to start the month off right by creating a few manageable fitness goals for myself. I promise I will outline my current fitness routine in the next week or so and start posting some reviews of some popular programs that I’ve done and are currently trending. But lets start with what I’d like to focus on and accomplish in September!

  1. Increase my flexibility by stretching and foam rolling. For whatever reason, I suck at stretching. I would like to blame it on my competitive swimming background…we pretty much never stretched apart from a few chest or shoulder openers before a race. Don’t ask me why, and yes, I know that was dumb. Even though I love yoga, I’m currently in an “off” phase for all sorts of reasons but mostly dedicating my time to achieve other fitness goals for this year. Now, I think I’m really ready to stretch it out and increase my flexibility!
  2. Work on strengthening my core. My core hasn’t really ever been too much of a problem for me, but I’ve started to notice that as I get older, it’s not quite the same as it used to be. My goal is to be proactive with this and really hone in on core strength!
  3. Do 3 pull ups! I can do 2 right now, but it’s a struggle. This goal might be a reach because it’s taken me a full 8 months to even get to 2, but sometimes you have to shoot for the moon!
  4. Stop missing morning workouts! Lately, I have started developing the bad habit of skipping my morning workout mostly because I am staying up later working on Wet Hair, Don’t Care (which obviously I love), but I can’t make this a habit. I definitely want to kick this in the booty before it gets out of control. I will listen to my body though, and if I NEED the sleep, I will sleep!

I believe it’s super important to try to challenge and improve upon yourself, and there is no better way than to set a few goals. I like to keep my goal end dates on the shorter end (like a month) because then you can check in sooner and see if you are really pushing towards reaching it and if not figure out what’s keeping you from getting there. Also, it’s good to have mix of easy to hard goals, keeping them all realistic. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure. And if you don’t reach one, it’s no big deal. Keep your head up and keep trying! You will get there eventually if you keep chipping away at it each day. I will keep you all posted on it’s going and what I’m doing to get it done! Good luck everyone!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care


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