Wanderlust: My Terrific Travel Essentials

I have major wanderlust right now. Due to some circumstances with our cute lil kitty, my husband and I are taking a travel break for a bit so we can spend as much time with him as possible. Last year at this time, I was getting ready for our big trip to Hawaii and the year before that, I was deep in routing our great west road trip. The other morning my husband and I were talking about how we missed our vacay for this year (even though we are so happy to be spending time with our lil buddy), and since then I’ve been thinking about traveling. So, to cure my wanderlust, I decided to write this post highlighting some packing essentials! And one of the products is on SUPER sale for a limited time – the code is below, so keep scrolling to find out which!

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  1. SuperGoop CC Cream – when I’m traveling, I want to spend more time exploring and relaxing and less time doing my make-up. I keep my make-up routine very basic, a lil CC or BB cream, concealer as needed, quick bronzer/blush and mascara! I love the SuperGoop CC cream because it ticks multiple boxes with good coverage, sun protection and anti-aging, giving me more time to be doing things I love while traveling.
  2. John Freida’s Frizz Ease Leave-In Conditioner – this as not just a traveling must-have, it’s a life must-have for me! I actually have pin straight hair, not curly or frizzy at all, BUT I LOVE this leave-in conditioner by John Freida. It does not weight my thin, fine hair down. When I travel, I put it in a TSA approved spray bottle (usually purchased from Target or Walgreens) – my trick with it is particular for the beach or pool! After getting out of the water, spray this into your hair, making it easy for a brush or comb to go through. No one wants to be struggling with knots when they can be lounging and relaxing. HUGE ADDED BONUS – while you are in the sun, the conditioner is baking in, giving your locks a deep conditioner treatment as well! My hair comes back from vacation actually more revived than before I left. You can do this at home when visiting a pool or beach as well.
  3. Pashmina – Honestly, any pashmina, regular scarf or blanket scarf will actually do. I do not get on a plane without on either around my neck or stuffed in my backpack. Why? Because planes are f-ing cold man!!! These are easy to pack but when you are freezing up in the air, you can wrap yourself up with it! (Unless you are in first class and get a blanket lol.)
  4. Converse Chuck Taylors – Chucks are excellent shoes to bring on a trip. They add a cool factor to any outfit without any sort of try. They are great for walking around places, and they do not take up a ton of space in a suitcase!
  5. Cute Sundress – I picked the one above because I liked it; however, I always pack at least one cute, no fuss, easy dress (usually more than one, but you get the point). Why? Because you never know when you are going to want to elevate your look a little bit! There is legit nothing easier than tossing on a dress, bringing your look to another level. Also, like with the Chucks, dresses do not take up much space. You can roll them up or fold them very tiny in your suitcase!
  6. NuMe Travel Kit – DING DING DING!!! You found the super duper SALE item!! This whole travel kit is ON SALE for a limited for $79!!! THAT’S HUGE SAVINGS – Almost 70% off!!!! You get a super powerful but MINI ionic hairdryer, interchangeable curling wand and Tourmaline straightener! Mucho stuff for $79! What I love about this is the hairdryer is super tiny for packing yet still packs a punch with 1800 watts like any normal dryer. I do not use hotel hairdryers or even if I’m at someone else’s house I always bring my own. I need power when I’m drying my hair. This guy is a space saver and powerful. I also love wands when traveling because it gives your hair that perfect wave in no time. All you have to do is wrap a piece of hair around the barrel, hold for a few second and viola – gorgeous, effortless wave! Finally, even though I have pin straight hair, sometimes I want to smooth out some ponytail holder or bedhead kinks. This straightener is a 100% Tourmaline which will not only straighten your hair, it’ll leave it perfectly shiny, too! So how do you get this amazing deal? Coupon Code is: TRAVEL79 – really, you can’t pass this up, even if you aren’t traveling anytime soon. It’s definitely a must-have, even for non-travel life!
  7.  Cute Muscle T or Graphic T – I have a muscle/graphic T obsession so I would definitely back this guy on a trip! They are perfect for layering or just being cheeky anywhere you go.
  8. Comfy Jorts – comfy jorts (for warm or summer travels) is an essential because they can be reborn multiple times on a single trip with either the muscle/graphic T or blouse/flannel when it’s cooler. I’m a huge fan of this option because it can get you through a lot of the trip.
  9. Black North Face Fleece – I guess you can have a color, but black goes with everything so that’s what I picked. I know, I know! I know, this is not very creative; however, I have very specific reasons for this. It is always weather appropriate and PLANE APPROPRIATE to have an NF fleece. I’ve already spoke at length about my weather appropriate problem here, here, here and finally here (this last one being where it all began). So now, I’m going to talk your ear off about plane appropriate-ness. Planes are freaking cold! I said that about with the pashmina. I layer extensively when going on a flight, even if I’m going to Hawaii, St. Lucia, Florida or wherever that’s warm! My NF fleece keeps me perfectly cozy on the flight. Then you also have a very practical jacket in case you need one while you are on your trip. It takes up zero space because you are wearing it while traveling so NBD there!
  10. Cute Carry-On – not gonna lie, this suitcase is a #goals for me lol. My husband and I are huge carry-on people. Even when we went to Hawaii for ten days we carried on. Right now, I have a regular kinda old school-ish canvas, not a spinner (four 360° wheels) bag. Obviously, it works and gets the job done, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream for a cute pink lightweight hard cased spinner right?!? I just love it! I also like them because they are super light. My luggage is so heavy, even when empty. Like I said, #luggagegoals for me!
  11. LuluLemon’s Wunder Under High Rise Crop Pants – another life must-have that turns into a travel must-have. My “airport style” is very basic usually consisting of my Wunder Under leggings, a white T (shocker), gray hoodie, North Face fleece, and gym kicks. (And my scarf but I’ve already discussed that above.) Why is it such a basic bitch look? One reason – COMFORT. Sometimes, sometimes I wear my boyfriend jeans. But 99.9% of the time, I’m in my leggings. They are legit so comfortable for travel, and they are kinda cute! I also bring a couple pairs to workout in while I’m traveling, too – again, they aren’t very big so more room in the suitcase!
  12. Swimsuit (by Maaji) – I do not go to any destination without a swimsuit – yes, even if it’s like winter travel. You never know when you will need a swimsuit. What if your hotel has a hot tub? Or you are on a road trip and find some amazing waterfalls (this has happened to us)? Always bring a swimsuit! No matter what! Plus it takes up like ZERO space.
  13. Herschel Supply Co. ‘Little America – Mid Volume’ Backpack – On our honeymoon three years ago, I brought a cross body second carry-on bag to travel with. I vowed after that trip I would never ever travel again without a backpack. There is absolutely no reason to become all lopsided while walking through an airport with a stupid cross body. You know I love cross bodies from previous posts, yet traveling, you need a backpack. It makes walking through an airport or wherever SO MUCH EASIER! Everything is on your back! No weird lopsided walk or shuffle. I love this Herschel Supply Co one because empty, it’s actually super duper lightweight unlike some previous backpacks I had which were heavy even before they were filled. Also, it’s like a rucksack that fits so much shit lol. I put all essentials in there and just keep on filling it until it’s about to burst. Finally, it has a nice padded laptop holder, too. This bag is excellent!
  14. Newton Running Fate or any gym kicks you prefer – gym kicks are important. This is part of my airport look. I’m not going to start out my trip in footwear that’s going to fuck up my feet. Plus, if you were them on the plane, you don’t have to pack them, leaving more space for better, cuter things! You need a pair of sneaks on vacate though because what if you workout or hike or just walk around a city aimlessly? Gotta have comfy kicks to protect the feet!
  15. Sunblock – Duh! – This Neutrogena Clear Face is my fave because I actually don’t break out from using it. That’s my secret for this essential lol – keeping it simple!
  16. White T – This goes back to my airport look and also because there is nothing more essential in life than a good White T.
  17. Herschel Supply Co Novel Duffel – This is more for your weekend away within driving distance. I would never recommend a duffel in a airport situation. Duffels are solely for short car trips. I thought this one was so cute with its navy and white stripes, and since I love the quality of the Herschel products, why not?
  18. Havaianas – I love these flips for pool/beach situations. They are still pretty comfy/cushiony, super cute and dry fast under any circumstance.
  19. Boyfriend Cardigan – It’s never a bad idea to throw a neutral or even bold color boyfriend cardigan in your suitcase. The boyfriend cardigan compliments pretty much every outfit for slightly cooler weather – it could go with your sorts & muscle T or the cute sundress!
  20. Fun Slip-On Kicks – I have recently become involved with slip-on kicks. I kinda love them a lot and would potentially even wear them in the airport, maybe…They are just too fun not to bring in my opinion.

There you have it my friends. Twenty of my travel essentials. Of course, if I could bring everything I own, I would but these are my tops for sure! Also, don’t forget about the NuMe Travel Kit that is close to 70% off with the code TRAVEL79.

$79 Travel Kit + Free US/CA Shipping


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