The Summary for Days 24 – 30 of the Wet Hair, Don’t Care 30 Day Outfit Challenge!

Here we go!! Finally summarizing the last days of the Wet Hair, Don’t Care 30 Day Outfit Challenge!!!!! Cannot believe I am finally finishing up summarizing all the outfits!! It’s been crazy fun creating a new look each day in the month of September, not mention towards the end, it got challenging. So lets hit the ground running and begin!

Day 24:


This was the day after I got my haircut…I’m not going to lie, I had a mild panic attack after getting it cut, and I wasn’t really feeling this outfit. That happens sometimes – just gotta shake it off. This was also taken on my lunch break with my friend so I have my gym shoes on. I don’t typically walk long distances in heels…too rough on my feet. My Newton’s can be found on Amazon. Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies and similar Forever21 necklaces can be found here. You can find the skirt in this earlier round-up. The shirt is old from Old Navy, but luckily, window panes are still kinda trendy – so here are a bunch of other options:

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Day 25:


I love love love love this outfit soooo much!!! The shoes are Vince Camuto, sunnies Ray-Ban wayfarers and necklace is from Forever21 – you can check out these items and similar ones in this post. The rest of this outfit (blazer and dress) are both from Zara. Unfortunately, they are older. Hopefully you like some of these similar options:

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Hot pink blazers were WAY harder….I will keep my eyes open for better ones out there. The one pictured in black comes in hot pink, but I couldn’t grab that picture for some reason:

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Day 26:


Sunnies and Michael Kors watch can be found in the very first post right here. They J. Crew Factory layering cami is located in the second round-up. Similar versions to make Gap jeans are in the third post. And finally, my hoodie is this one from American Apparel.

Day 24:IMG_2363

My Newton Running Shoes, sunnies and Lululemon Wunder Under Capri’s can be found in my first summary here. The hot pink is Lululemon from if I had to guess…2011? It’s not available anymore and surprisingly, they don’t really have anything like it anymore. I did find these others ones:


The purple workout top my mom got me for my b-day from Costco. It’s especially great for running on hot days because it’s nice and loose (or for the gym day after a particular indulgent day and you wanna hide your burrito belly). It’s Marc New York, and Amazon has a couple in various sizes when you google it on Amazon. I also found it on eBay? I’ve never really shopped on eBay….so idk…and of course, I found some comparables:

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Day 28:


This is one of my all time favorite dresses ever. It’s so versatile and comfortable. (Quick side bar – French Connection shoes and sunnies can be found here.) The dress is from BCBG from 2013 so like most items in my wardrobe, it’s no longer available. Here we go with some comparable options:

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Day 29:


For this bright little number you can find the watch and similar necklaces here. The white button down is this one from J. Crew Factory. It fits really well and has a little stretch to it which I like. You can never go wrong with a good white button down, such a classical piece. The dress is from Zara from like 2011, too…sooo here we go with some similar dresses!

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Day 30:IMG_2429

Anddd here we are!!!! THE FINAL OUTFIT!! I wanted to make it somewhat fall-ish; hopefully, this works for you! Shoes and sunnies are in this post. The J. Crew Factory cami is here. Old Navy Pixie Pants are here. That leaves the yellow J. Crew sweater and my Zara blanket scarf! My blanket scarf is from last fall and gone, but you are in luck my friends! Here is a post with tons of blanket scarf options! The yellow sweater is from 2009…wow…so these are the best I could do with similar options!

s7-1184445_standard image1xxl 7.16 E1277_YL5820 _11250692 _11157781 504009249_1_whstopcropfront

That concludes the Wet Hair, Don’t Care 30 Day Outfit Challenge summaries!!!! WAHOOO WE DID IT!! Gonna keep it short here because soon (probs tomorrow) I’m going to have a post on my thoughts about the whole thing! Stay tuned…..

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care


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