Day 14 – 23 of the Wet Hair, Don’t Care 30 Day Outfit Challenge!

Sorry I’ve been slacking and left you hanging after Day 13! But I am back and am going to keep on summarizing for you! Since I am so behind I’m actually going to start with the Day 14 and work my way towards catching up!!  Hope that works for you because it does for me lol.

Day 14:

IMG_1917Previously worn on Day 14 are my Vince Camuto pumps & Ray-Ban aviators which you can find in my first outfit summary post here! My pants are still available – they are Old Navy Pixie Pant. I have a tons of pairs of these pants because they are cute and inexpensive! Here are the pants above and some other options if Old Navy isn’t your jam:

18850_BL8133_m C9716_BL8133 cn9967905 cn10118243

Next up, the top I got from J. Crew Factory this past summer and is no longer available, but here are a few other close options:

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Lastly, the necklace I have on was a Christmas present from my mother in law several years ago, so I am not sure where it’s from….Hopefully, these are good comparable looks:

2293720_fpx 2268005 _10148187 pd912_pearl_l

Day 15:


In this post, my Vince Camuto shoes and Michael Kors watch can be found here and J. Crew Factory skirt and Old Navy Boyfriend cardigan here – also I have outlined more boyfriend cardi’s in my Fall Fashion Must Haves! That just leaves my top which was Ann Taylor from two summer’s ago. I think I found some good subs below:

imageService3 imageService4 3020619_fpx 8836802_fpx 2870072_fpx LCTASDL_mk 3358143-p-MULTIVIEW imageService imageService1

Also, for some reason I couldn’t get this one’s image to save, but it’s such a good deal on a Rebecca Taylor top had to include it via a link here.

Day 16:


All right, French Connection pumps, Ralph Lauren sunnies and Michael Kors Watch can be found in this post here. Similar necklaces are in this previous post. This dress was one of my fave purchases from Ann Taylor last summer. I’ve worn it to so many things from weddings/rehearsal dinner to work. Unfortunately, it is old and unavailable now. I’m not really sure what to focus on with this dress so I’m going to do my best to find other dresses that are similar or have the same elements? Meep!

_10318781 _10833095 _10836983 _10916321 _10928672 8833652_fpx 8882009_fpx 41982565 GEF68B66_001_a

Day 17:IMG_2032

The sunnies as you are aware by now are in this post – you can find similar statement necklaces there too. The Michael Kors watch is in this post. The Chucks are pretty easy! Here are a bunch of links to different sites with different colors. This site here has the pink ones available. Here is a link to Nordstrom’s Converse options. And finally, here is the actual Converse Website. The dress, as usual, is from a few summers ago from J. Crew Factory…so also, as usual, here are some close seconds:

8727680_fpx 8807272_fpx cupca3002312867_q3_1-0._QL90_UX336_ imageService imageService1 imageService2 imageService3

Day 18:IMG_2074

I don’t think these exact Hunters are available anymore, but in my Fall Fashion post I outlined a bunch of wellies like Hunters and other less expensive ones. Watch you can find in my first round-up here. My jeans are Citizens and are located in the second round-up post here. My Marc by Marc Jacob’s hobo is from like 2010, but here are links to two similar ones – one and two. This is my Totes golf umbrella on amazon. It is seriously the best umbrella EVER, and there are several different colors. Finally, the T is from J. Crew Factory from this summer. It’s my fave because I have a CRAZY pineapple obsession!!! Unfortunately, it’s gone…whomp whomp. Here some of their other cool graphic tees, and if it’s the pineapples you are after, here is a link to a bunch on Etsy.

Day 19:

IMG_2097 2

Sunnies, watch and mini Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body are here. Similar booties can be located here and also here. My overalls that I love times a million because they are so comfy and cute are Old Navy right here!!!!! And this T is way old but it’s Victoria’s Secret Pink available here. Crazy…you can actually get most of this outfit!! Oh and the overalls were one of my three allowed September purchases!!!

Day 20:


Met my girls for brunch in this outfit on a wonderful September Sunday…This look was again very comfortable and casual. The Sperry boat shoes, purse, ’47 Brand Chicago Cubs hat and sunnies are here. My flannel was my second of three allowed purchases for September, and I am sure you guessed it…It’s Old Navy located here. In my Fall Fashion post you can find some more flannel options! The white T is from J. Crew Factory right here. Finally, my jeans are older from Gap…they are actually from their straight leg line and not boyfriend jeans, but I wear them like boyfriend jeans. I’ve tried to find a bunch that compare to the ones I have on:

_9855144 _9979751 _9995381 _10695850 _10964104 _11172880 cn8177963 cn9304475 cn9792345 cn9925877 cn9949833

Day 21:

You know the and necklace are here. This dress is from J. Crew Factory several summers ago…And I am really sorry, but this was near impossible to find comparisons. If you scroll back up to Day 17, there is a striped dress up there. Also, here is the closest one I could find at Forever 21. This one was EXTREMELY difficult to find…I literally checked everywhere. The cable knit cardigan is way way old, like 2011, and it’s from Nordstrom. I had some better luck finding other options for that:

33015503_PD cn10195518 hmprod image1xxl

Day 22:IMG_2239

Ray-Ban aviators can be found in the first round-up here. I LOVE this dress sooooo much. I bought in the spring for my nephew’s baptism. It couldn’t be a more perfect spring/summer shirt dress. It’s from Ann Taylor. There are a few styles on sale and available from there from this summer – this exact one is sadly gone. I also found another plus these two ShopBop ones here and here (I can’t grab the ShopBop images).

imageService imageService1 imageService2

Day 23:


This one is super easy!!!! Pants are from Day 14’s look above. Belt is old from Aldo, but here is a similar at J. Crew. Already found the cami shell from J. Crew Factory and boyfriend cardigan in this round-up. And the shoes, watch, necklace and aves can be found in this other round-up. Wahoo!!! That one was FAST!!!!! And that was the last day of my long hair :-(. I donated it later that night :-(….whomp whomp.

That wraps up Days 14 – 23 of the Wet Hair, Don’t Care 30 Days of Outfits!!!!! Hopefully you found some fun things or inspiration through my outfits. Stay tuned because we have Days 24 – 30 and my “what I learned” post to come!!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care



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