Feeling it for Fall Fashion!

Fall is officially here, my friends. Although we are still hanging out n the 70’s, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to get colder. Winter is coming….But in the mean time, lets enjoy fall for all its worth while we have it! So grab you PSL while you browse through my 10 Fall Fashion Must Haves!! These are in no particular order, and I am highlighting a of my faves with pics (click on to get to the product) – some I have broader search links. If you have something in particular in mind that you can’t find, feel free to contact me, and I’ll try to locate it for you!!

  • Winter Florals: Yes, I know it’s not winter YET! Don’t yell at me for jumping the gun, but technically the florals I’m talking about are called “Winter Florals”. What I’m talking about are darker prints with a black, deeper color base. They often feature more gem tones, too. Last fall, I got a dark floral digital print dress from Asos that I wore all the way through spring! I can’t wait to bust it out again. Here are a few options for Winter Florals:

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  • Flannels: OMG! I am flannel OBSESSED, especially Old Navy’s. I just got one last weekend, and rounding out my three September purchases, I just ordered another today. They are soon incredibly soft, comfy and cozy. These bad boys will be a staple throughout the whole year, cuz we said you can’t throw one on over a sun dress in summer on a cool night?? Not just ship Old Navy’s shiz, J. Crew Factory has some really cute ones too! Take a look:

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  • Puffy Vests: Sometimes in fall you just need a good puffer to toss over that flannel I just recommended above. It’s not quite jacket weather, but you need a lil added insulation when you are out apple picking, picking out pumpkins or on a weekend stroll to see the leaves changing (lol sorry – had to throw those clichés in, and I’ll probably end up doing a few of those) – J. Crew FactoryT.J. Max and my fave Old Navy have great ones but some highlights include these:

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  • Pullover Sweater: This is kind of a no brainer…there is nothing better or easier than tossing on a chunky, thick pullover sweater. They are perfect with jeans, leggings or even if want to give a dress a whole new look. I’m loving a bunch, especially cable knit ones. And here a few of my stand-out chunky sweaters:

E1401_NA6434 E0034_MF3174 imageService imageService1

  • Boyfriend cardigans: Boyfriend cardigans are my everything. I do not lie when I say this. I use them almost daily at work over dresses, pixie pants and cami’s. They are too easy and too legit to quit. it’s the easiest wait to transition anything or simply stay warm. Take a look a few top picks:

cn10115170 cn10115247 imageService imageService1

  • Flared Jeans: Flares are trending hard right now, and I am all over it. In fact! I have SAVED all my flares from way back when and can’t wait to bust them out. In my post college life I have only bought jeans from Nordstrom or Gap, so I am recommending one from each and including links to their flares section above (and boot cut too from Gap):

_11146913 cn9780543

  • Booties: Booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere!! JK – but that’s always what I think of in my head when I think about booties….K – booties are broad! I like dress booties, moto booties, work booties and like what I call “hipster/western booties”. But you can’t go wrong with BOOTIES! Here are some of each and my link to a previous post with booties in them….here is a link to previous posted on booties. I’m done saying booties now lol (unfortunately, I had a bunch of DSW shoes picked out but at the time of this post their site is down – I’m sorry):

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  • Blanket Scarves/Wraps/Capes: I bought a blanket scarf from Zara this time last year, and it might as well have been a security blanket for me all fall and winter. it was amazing. Sometimes I would use it as a shawl/wrap, which is why I added  wraps and capes to this section. There is nothing better than bundling up by wrapping yourself in a cocoon on a crisp fall day. Asos and Zara have tons to choose from. Below are some of my picks:

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  • Anorak/Military Jackets: A good, functional jacket is a must in the fall. Anorak/military jackets encompass not only function but style. These types of jackets are perfect for that. They have multiple pockets, protect you from the elements, yet they are totally on point for the season. Love! These three are from Nordstrom:

_9454152 _10260925_10834757

  • Wellies: It rains a ton in the fall so this just only makes since! Now, I’m a Hunter Original High Gloss kinda girl – here is a link to all the Hunters – I will pick my top one below (P.S. Hunters shaft runs TIGHT so even if your calves are just muscular, think about the extended shaft size). ALL of these Joules are AMAZING!  I included a less expensive T.J. Max below, too. Really you can find fun rainbows anywhere, even Target. These three I love:

_9386853 9026612068382 tjx2

Another aspect I’m feeling for fall are the colors garnet, cream, navy and blush. If you’ve seen anything I wear, I wear a lot of cream and navy but I really love blush and garnet right now as well! I plan trying to mix those in and maybe some emerald green and mustard yellow!

Good luck shopping friends and enjoy your fall!!! WINTER IS COMING!!!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t


  1. Wellies: 

Color palette – blush, garnet, navy (of course) and cream. Plaids I’m dying over.



  1. September 24, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    I just got a couple of these things (cream cable pull over, military jacket) on sale at J.Crew….and dusted off my J Brand Love Story from 2012. Stoked to wear them!

  2. Audrey
    September 25, 2015 / 9:34 pm

    LOVE the winter Florals!!!

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