There’s More to Life than Being Really Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking

Guess who’s back, back again…Mandi’s back – so tell a friend lol. Don’t worry, I’m still laughing at my own jokes.

I took a really long break from the site. My last post was back in Feb 2017 with Blogging and Baby! After that, I hit a wall. I felt very inauthentic in this space. When I originally started Wet Hair, Don’t Care, I wanted it to be more than just your product pushing fashion/style blog. There is more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking. I felt like I lost focus of the site and was just trying to garner as much activity through what I thought people wanted to see instead of what I actually wanted to post about.

Now, my hope is that Wet Hair, Don’t Care will be a place that inspires you, informs you, gives you an honest product review, makes you think critically about life, helps you cook or dress, and maybe you learn something about me, too. I realized for a person who has a public Instagram and blog, I’m oddly private. I haven’t shared a lot of details  about my actual life except for some political opinions (don’t worry – you will still get those). In the beginning, Wet Hair, Don’t Care was supposed to show you that real people do exist on the internet. That life isn’t all rosé in perfectly lit white marble kitchens. There is so much more to life than what is “Instagram-Worthy” and that was getting lost here.

I want to bring the site back to my original intention which was real life, not a highlight reel of impeccable outfits, shiny beach waves and super white smiles. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all the gorgeous, glittery things out there, but that’s not always the way things are. So I’m going to have a whole range of posts now. Let me break it down!

What can you expect?

To start, definitely look forward to seeing a lot of product reviews. I’m a total product whore and love testing them out. I feel like I’m always talking with my sister, friends and coworkers about all the various products out there – what’s working, what isn’t. I’m excited to share my real, honest thoughts on each.

There will still be fashion posts, but apart of me feels like fashion blogging has jumped the shark. Or maybe I’m just not really in that space anymore? How many times can you see a pic of a woman walking down a street (most likely in the middle of it for some reason – I always get nervous about traffic) wearing the same #sponsored Nordstrom sweater front tucked into skinny jeans with a pair of booties. It’s groundbreaking out there right now. Sorry, I just haven’t been that inspired by fashion lately.

To be honest, what I wear everyday isn’t really that awesome anyways. I’m still losing my baby weight – more on that in future posts. I don’t fit in all my old clothes – I’m not in my maternity clothes (THANK BABY JESUS – they were fug). Basically, I wear the same two pairs of pants and various forms of gray sweaters to work or a navy blue empire waist dress I bought from Gap in 2010. I call it Monday dress because it is nice and roomy after a weekend of indulging sometimes. On the weekends, I’m cozy right now, wearing probably a sweatshirt saying something like “Coffee Now Please” and joggers or leggings. Jeans will make an appearance if they absolutely have to. Soooo yea, I’m not really knocking it out of the park right now.

Recipes will come back but in a different format. My old recipe posts were a hot mess. I would like to simplify them, make them prettier, too. Also gotta think of some new ones!! Might revisit some of the old ones as well – revamp them. Currently, I’m gluten, dairy, mostly sugar and grain-free for various reasons; therefore, recipe posts (for the time being) might be geared towards that. Btw, if you wonder what a gluten, dairy, sugar and grain-free person eats? Lots of vegetables, meat and eggs – PARTY…not lol.

In particular, I’m working on some gluten free and dairy free Instant Pot recipes. I feel like the space is lacking considerably. I have two recipes I’m perfecting along with Instant Pot REAL bone broth. The kind of bone broth where the bones actually disintegrate. A lot of the recipes for Instant Pot bone broth the cook time isn’t long enough for disintegration. Stay tuned – it’s gonna be good. I drink this stuff by the mug!

Wellness/health arena – That’s hard for me because I’m not an expert in those fields, and I believe in experts as opposed to influencers. On the flip, I spend a good amount of my free-time researching, reading books and listening podcasts about wellness right now. The whole wellness movement fascinates me. Also, I feel like my body is/was ground-zero after baby which says a lot because for my whole life I have been athletic. Because of that, health and wellness will probably be pretty personal – most likely a lot about my postpartum experiences, fitness and mindset.

You will see reviews about places, books and podcasts still, especially podcasts. I’m OBSESSED right now. OBSESSED! I will probably start reviewing my faves and once I get through them do a “Podcast of the Week” series or something. If you have any recommendations for podcasts I should have been listening to, like, yesterday – PLEASE let me know. Except murder or mystery ones – my attention span can’t handle those.

And lastly my wonderful friends, I want to do more opinion pieces. Like Gretchen Wiener’s hair is full of secrets, mine is full of opinions. And since this is my site, I’m going to share them. Maybe you will agree, maybe you won’t; regardless, I hope they make you take pause and think for a moment.

In the end, I’m pretty excited about what’s to come here.  As always, if you have any requests, recommendations, comments, questions or concerns (lol) – please let me know. You can DM on Instagram @wethairdontcare or e-mail at Wishing you all the best!

Peace out,




  1. Erica
    October 31, 2018 / 2:06 pm

    Ah so excited you’re back! Can’t wait for all of your posts!

    • Wet Hair, Don't Care
      November 2, 2018 / 8:05 am

      Thanks girl! I’m super excited to be back!

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