Off the Shoulder Tops are Beautiful, but Annoying








Off the Shoulder Top: Nordstrom – Sold out / can find it here & here ~ Shorts: J. Crew but J. Crew Factory’s 3 inch chino is identical and $13 cheaper ~Sunnies: Aldo (Old) /Similar & Similar Clutch: Akira (Old – Similar below) ~ Jewelry: c/o Parklane – Bracelet & Watch

It’s the trendiest trend ever right now. I felt like I couldn’t call myself a blogger if I didn’t get some snaps in an off the shoulder top this season, but my memories of prom 2004 were making me second guess purchasing one. Why prom 2004? Because my prom dress that year was off the shoulder.


I spent the whole night wanting to raise my arms above my head and couldn’t. Still what’s the big deal? Because off the shoulder tops and dresses are the most physically restraining garments, I have ever worn in my entire life. Not only can you not move your arms, you end up getting weird crooks and cramps in your neck and shoulders because you have to stay so still. It’s a major ugh!

Against my better judgment and for my love of all things pretty, I purchased a white lace off the shoulder top from Nordstrom. I actually tried on a bunch, but this guy took the cake. I loved the lace on this one. It also fit really well despite still popping up when I raised I raised my arms. All the others popped up too but didn’t look as good as this one did. I have really broad shoulders from years of swimming so I knew this was going to be a challenge since these tops accentuate your shoulders. Because of my wide shoulders, I did size up. I usually wear a small or medium in most tops but got a large in this one so it wouldn’t be too tight across my shoulders. The affect of the large is actually quite nice, giving me lots of eating room lol. In the end, I thought the detailing and beauty of this top out weighed the annoying-ness of not being able to lift my arms up. When I do wear this top out and about (which I have), it stays off the shoulders for like 10 mins at a time. I then proceed to get animated about something or maybe I just want to play with my hair, and it pops up off my shoulders. When that happens, it creates are pretty boat neck top which I think is kinda cute, too. Sometimes I pull it back down and regain my composure, pretending to be a lady or sometimes I just leave it.

Needless to say, it’s a really pretty trend; however, you should not plan on doing anything that requires more than you sitting like a statue, looking pretty. At least, I’m being honest….they aren’t all picnics in the park and bike rides on beach cruisers like most portray them to be. Happy shopping – I guess lol?

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Wet Hair, Don’t Care


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