How to Make the Easiest & Lightest Sangria for Your Life!

I want to start out by saying I am a seasonal beverage drinker, and no, I’m not talking about Pumpkin Spiced Lattes in the fall (never had one). I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about this before – maybe? But when it gets warm, I want Rosé, Sangria, Mojitos, Moscow Mules and cold brew coffee. I want my beverages cold! Come fall and winter, I’ll turn to beer, red wine, apple cider, hot coffees and hot chocolate. I’m sure most of you are seasonal beverage drinks as well, now you just have a name for it!

For the past couple of years, I’ve been making this light Sangria recipe whenever it gets slightly warm out! I’m obsessed with it and will drink it all spring and summer long. I actually get kinda sad when it starts getting too chilly, and I have to go back to my plain old Cab Savs or Petite Syrahs (whomp whomp). The best part of this recipe is it is BEYOND easy – there are only three ingredients, and you can basically pick whatever you want for two of the three. Those magic ingredients are: wine, Fresca and fruit (I count fruit as one because you can do as much fruit or as little fruit as you like). Basically, the non-negotiable in this equation is the Fresca. My preference and suggestion is getting the original citrus flavor for the Fresca – it’s by far my fave, but feel free to experiment! As for the vino part, I usually do a rosé or sauvignon blanc; however, you can actually use whatever wine you like best. I have even used some of my fave reds like a cabernet sauvignon or rioja (those are always fun). Feel free to explore or just stay with a wine you love. Just like with the wine, you can pick any fruit you want! I usually use a combo of strawberries, black berries, apples, pineapple, peaches and so on. You can use raspberries and watermelon, too. There are legit so many fruit options. Just don’t pick something with seeds or pits – if you do, remove the seeds or pits!




Single Serving:

I usually make it by putting ice in a glass then adding 1 part wine of my choice, 1 part Fresca and top it off with my cut fruit. Please note I do cut almost all fruit except like blackberries.


I tend to follow the same method of 1 part wine to 1 part Fresca because I want to keep it light, and I don’t want to knock my guests on their asses. You can go a little heavier on the wine and lighter on the Fresca if you know you and your guest can handle it!

Again, wash and cut up the fruit of your choosing – the amount of fruit is up to you. You can go fruit heavy or fruit light. I love the fruit in this beverage so I always tend to error on the side of the more fruit, the better. Place fruit in punch bowl, pitcher or beverage dispenser. Add your wine and then your Fresca. Be sure to stir this in the container you choose! Also, make sure you have ice available for everyone’s glasses and a ladle to scoop our fruit! The amount of wine and Fresca to get will vary on your guest count and the type of drinkers they are. Each wine and Fresca mix my serve 3 – 6 people depending on your friends and family. For a party I usually get the 2 liters of Fresca as oppose to the cans when it’s just me flying solo!


  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Pitcher or Punch Bowl or Beverage Dispenser
  • Ladle
  • Cups or glasses
  • Ice bucket (if you want)
  • Straws (I like straws)


  • Fruit
  • Wine
  • Fresca
  • Ice


  1. Wash & cut fruit
  2. Place fruit in container or your glass
  3. Add 1 part wine (you can alter this to your liking as per above)
  4. Add 1 part Fresca
  5. Mix
  6. Serve!

See! That could not be ANY EASIER! You can do this just for yourself, for your own party or even bring these items to someone’s BBQ or party as your thing to pass! It’s so perfect and refreshing. Also, it’s super light on calories since Fresca is a zero cal beverage! Also, here are some of my favorite things to use for this recipe and a few wish list items (coughtheknivescough).


Cutting Boards:

Wine Openers:


Punch Bowls:


Beverage Dispensers:

Finally, straws because why not:

Really hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Hope you have fun with whatever you decide to use it for!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care


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