Peach and Green Chicago

Peach and Green Chicago

One of the best parts about working in the loop of downtown Chicago is always finding fun new places to eat. This is always better when the place offers reasonably priced, healthy, organic, seasonal and locally sourced food. Last summer on one of my many trips up and down Wabash Avenue, I noticed a new spot going in! Just peaking in and doing some preliminary research on the company, I knew this was going to be a good. Not too long after, in the fall, Peach and Green Chicago opened up!

When you walk into Peach and Green, you first see three different sections, the made to order sandwich/salad section all the way over to your left, the make your own salad bar and the coffee/juice bar. Since I have a condition where I HAVE to read the whole menu, several times, before going to a new place, I knew I wanted a sandwich so I made my way over to the end of the sandwich counter. There I was greeted by a friendly employee ready to take my order. I knew I wanted the Spicy Larder which was on a ciabatta roll. This wasn’t going to do for me because anytime pretzel buns are available, I get a my sandwich on a pretzel bun. As expected, this was an easy swap the sandwich maker readily did for me. I moved through the line easily, tailoring my sandwich to my preferences. I was in and out in no time at all! I mostly eat at my desk (I know super lame), so the speed of the getting in and out there was something I really appreciated. If I had chosen to stay, the restaurant has plenty of seating options to choose from with lots of bar stools, window seating, comfy couches and oversized chair along with four tops and both seating.

I’ve been back several times since my first with some menu highlights being the ham & egg breakfast sandwich (seriously – this guy is NO joke, ham and biscuit made FRESH everyday and the sandwich is HUGE), leafy detox smoothy (so good and perfect after an over indulgent weekend) and latte with their homemade almond milk (perfection). I haven’t hit up the salad bar yet, but I’m sure I will when summer rolls around. The best part about the salad bar is you pay by the container size instead of the weight of the salad. That’s such a relief because there is legit nothing worse than filling your salad up with yummy veggies, scared because you don’t know how much you are going to pay, and then when you get the register, you have to take a second mortgage out on your house to pay for your stupid salad. Peach and Green got it right by making the price by container size. Then you can just enjoy picking out your ingredients instead of doing mental math on the number of ounces you think your spinach weighs.

Not only is Peach and Green reasonably priced with great portion sizes, they are pride themselves in serving only the best food possible. Most of their prepared food is made fresh in-house everyday. I was actually surprised when I saw the ham for the sandwich because it’s not your standard deli luncheon meat, it’s like Easter Sunday ham, made that morning. They do their best to provide all-natural, seasonal, locally sourced, preservative and additive free food. Since I try to do that in my day to day, I appreciate it when a restaurant tries to do that as well.

Overall, I’m a big fan of Peach and Green Chicago! Whenever I splurge from my usual brown bag lunch, I’m definitely going to make my way over to there. Also, check out their social media pages for their daily and weekly specials! They are definitely worth a follow – Don’t forget to check out our giveaway happening on my Instagram @wethairdontcare and their’s!


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