Weekly Link Round-Up

It’s that time again to see what I’ve been clicking on this week!!!!

First up is OBVIOUSLY Tian Tian who basically killed the blizzard that hit the east coast last week. He stole the show from the blizzard itself and was the star of internet because of his epic moves. I have much love Tian Tian <3

Chinese Zodiac – Your Sign & 2016 Lunar Year Forecast – Been figuring out how to prepare myself for the Chinese New Year! I’m randomly into zodiak/horoscope stuff and even if you’re not it’s kinda fun just to see. This sight will tell you your sign when you place your b-day in the generator. Then you can find out your 2016 forecast, even down to the year you were born in. You can also play around and read what your sign is all about and look to see what signs you are compatible with! It’s super fun 🙂

25 Beauty Secrets Only Glamorous Women Know from PopSugar – Even though I knew it
was click bait-y, I took the bait, and you probably will as well. Yet this list of 25 things made me rage-y because WHO THE F HAS TIME FOR ALL THIS? Also, IDK where to get a silk pillow case since I look on Bed Bath and Beyond, and they don’t sell them – if I can’t use a 20% off coupon on my linens, then the world would probably ethings-glamorous-women-dond, right? Other things that made me annoyed by this include:

3. Starts the day with an antioxidant-rich smoothie to make skin glow from the inside out – my day starts at 4:30 in the am and I don’t have time to make a smoothie. I also don’t have access to a blender at work, where I eat my breakfast, at 7:30 (3 hrs after I get up)…I often wonder about morning smoothie people, and their glamorous smoothie morning lives.

20. If she has not gotten her weekly blowout, then she wakes up 10 minutes early to curl her own hair — prepping it with a heat-protectant product first, of course – Weekly blowout?! Sooo the Glamorous Girl is really rich? I’m not waking up 10 extra mins to curl my ends cuz I missed my weekly blowout. Blah

I basically coulda copied and pasted the whole list and been annoyed, minus the flossing part – flossing is very important. I guess my issue stems with the fact that this is a non-sense article putting unnecessary standards on women to be glamorous and waste their time and money. If you wanna do these things, great! That’s awesome. But if you don’t, you can still be glamorous, too.

Why the Calorie Is Broken from Gizmodo – This was submitted by my sis!! It’s a lil long but worth a read and very true. Through my own calorie counting, dieting, eating, life-experience, I do believe not all calories are created equal.

image (1)Barbie with New Body Types from Refinery29 – In case you have been living under a rock this week, Barbie is changing! But of course there is backlash Curvy Barbie Is A Double-Edged Sword from Refinery29. I think it’s great Barbie is changing. I was a HUGE Barbie person growing up…like way intense, my whole playroom was a Barbie town. It doesn’t really matter what Barbie looks like because odds are she’s going to end up with her hair cut off and headless somewhere anyways – orrr were those just my Barbies? eee…lol

And that’s a wrap, my friends! Hope you enjoy and happy clicking. And remember you can always contact me for a feature!

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