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New thing I wanna start doing…we all spend SO much time on the internet (at least I do), and a lot of it we share with other people – I know I’m constantly e-mailing articles to my sister, talking about them back forth. So each week I wanna round-up some of the stuff I’ve been reading/viewing/doing because well you are what you consume on the internet (or eat) as I re-purpose the old saying. Also, I want to make this a collaborative thing, so if there is something on your site you think I’d love and want featured here, drop me a link 🙂

Trump Votes “Yes” on Violent Helmet to Helmet Concussion-Causing Tackles – UGHHHHH seriously?! REALLY?! And Tom Brady is the toughest?? There is only one word for this: UGHHHHH

Gimme Some Oven’s Hummus-Crusted Chicken – saw @the.cupcake.ninja cook this a few weeks ago and she mentioned where she found the recipe. It looked so good, I had to check it out on Gimme Some Oven! We made this for dinner earlier this week and loved it! Also, Gimme Some Oven has a ton of other recipes I wanna try out after browsing her site – everything looks so delish.

Yahoo Beauty Interview: Gwyneth Paltrow – New Beauty Line, Wellness Philosophy & Biggest Beauty Regrets – My fave Gwyneth Paltrow (G or GOOP as I refer to her) has a new organic make-up coming out with Juice Beauty! I have been reading a lot about it and even went to Ulta to try to buy it, but it wasn’t in the stores yet! Next week they said. This interview was pretty deece, if you are a G fan. If you aren’t…then it will probably annoy you lol – read at your own risk.

Gizmodo Piece on Black Jaguar-White Tiger – If you live on Instagram or have seen Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s recently, then you probably are aware of @blackjaguarwhitetiger. I remember the first time I saw this account…something felt weird about it…I didn’t quite understand it. Obviously, I was amused by the pics and videos, but I just didn’t know about it. Take a look at it, their site and read the article above for some perspective.

Two from my fave site Lainey Gossip – both on Sean Penn & El Chapo:

Sean Penn & El Chapo #1

Sean Penn & El Chapo # 2

Lainey basically says it all – yeesh.

And so wraps up the FIRST EVER What I’ve Clicked On This Week! The title is still a work in progress lol…Hopefully, I can keep this up from week to week, and remember, if there is anything you think I should see, send me a link and it could end up here! Hope you have a great weekend.

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