2016 Golden Globes FULL Fashion Review!

I’m impressed – this is actually the most impressed I’ve been by a red carpet in YEARS, like legit….YEARS. The 2016 Golden Globes really did have some great looks last night. I felt like the stars actually showed up with some semblance of effort (minus the undone wave hair). As you know from my previous red carpet reviews of the 2015 Emmy’s and 2015 VMA’s, I haven’t been enjoying the carpets lately because number 1) the clothing has fit them and 2) everything was uninspired…I feel like overall, last night was way way better. Not to say everyone is my best dressed. HARDLY! There will be some roasting as usual, but my best dress is hard to pick this year…MEEP!

This time around, I’m changing the format this time around. Last two times, I just showed celebs and chatted about their looks. I felt as though this carpet had some major trends going so tonight, I’m breaking the looks out by trends, and a shout-out of my two best dressed guys, and then finally my best and worst dressed! No more explaining  to do – let the 2016 Golden Globe Fashion Review begin!

Trend #1: COLOR!!!!!

MUCHO trending colors – going to break them out by OMG….COLOR! Wow, I’m a genius…lol

White: There were many lovely ladies out there in white, but here are the four I would like to discuss!


Laverne Cox in Elizabeth Kennedy: She looks beautiful. I am going to start with that…her make-up is gorgeous. I am meh on the hair because I feel like it’s too Michelle Obama at the White house Correspondents dinner. It’s not cool enough her. She can do better than a low side-swept bridal bun and tendril. I guess that brings me to the dress which like the hair…just leaves me underwhelmed. I want Laverne Cox to bring it. She has an amazing body, gorgeous face and great poise. This look, minus the make-up, is too snoozy for her.

Taraji P. Henson in Stella McCartney: She was one of my top ten I wanted to see in my Globes Preview Post. I think I had my hopes set too high for Taraji…The first thing I thought was a lil bridal in a satin, strapless, sweetheart column with a cape-train (that’s what I’m calling it). The hair, make-up and bag are GREAT! I love all that. BUUTTTT the dress…it’s just leaving something on the table for me. She does win the Globe for BEST red carpet posing and having the most fun at the Globes (I love that she gave smug Leo a cookie!!!) I love Taraji so much so, I’m gonna give her a pass because who doesn’t want to have a white moment?

Eva Longoria in Georges Hobeika: Another one I was waiting to see make a bold return to the carpet. Anndddd it fell flat for me. The fit is impeccable on her, and that’s not easy because she’s so petite. What gets me are the bows which is kinda blasphemy for me because I LOVE BOWS! However, I feel like these bows are very pretzel-Heidi-milkmaid, like this could have been Heidi’s wedding gown in the Swiss Alps at spring time, maybe?? Sors guys, not my fave.

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton: Her first major carpet as a major nominee so again, she was another one to watch (by me and like everyone else who does this lol). Most knew she’d be in Louis Vuitton because she’s the face of their latest campaign. I had some mixed feelings about this. It started with like nooo, looks like a smock/apron (and that’s what most are saying). But when she moves, it’s beautiful. You can see the sheen/sequins, the godets out of chiffon that break out of the stripes. It really is gorgeous! Despite the apron-nod of the criss-cross back, I actually began to like it for the creativity later. I think it was my sis who really brought me around on this one. She was like I really like it, and then I was like I think I like it more and more and need to sleep on it. I woke up liking it!

Bold Primaries or McDonalds? Red & Yellow: I was surprised there was so much red and yellow or mustard out there!


Jennifer Lopez in Giambattista Valli: HOLY CANOLI! For me, this is everything. It’s literally the EXACT opposite of ice-skater nylon see-through sequin dress, and I FUCKING love it!!! She looks sophisticated and stylish, yet, it’s not just that. The construction of the dress is perfection. It fits her like a glove, showing off her awesome assets, while flowing into the gorgeous train. The caplet is so unexpected for her – it’s demure, leaving the sexiness to her stunning leg coming out the slit which was capped off by that awesome shoe! Some people weren’t a fan of the hair. They said maybe she should have done a top knot. I love her hair like this. It’s relaxed and comfortable. Her hair looks healthy. Instead of being a competing element with the look, it compliments it overall. Finally, the make-up is also perfection. I love the bold darker lip! Even though matching I shadow isn’t always my favorite, I love the softer gold/mustard eye, matching the GREAT dress color. She was everything last night.

Emmy Rossum in Armani Privé: Ugh, this one PAINS me!!! Like could she has been anymore of a bore?? Why is she dressing like Jennifer Aniston circa the 2000 Emmy’s?!?emrojenan.jpg!?!?! It’s same look!!!!! Even down to the stupid diamond necklace. No, Emmy, that necklace doesn’t make this lame look interesting at all! Jen’s baguette is more interesting then Emmy’s dumb clutch. Sorry, I’m insinuating she’s stupid, but come on man! How do you not know Jen Aniston already did a red column dress, pretty famously considering who’s hand she’s holding that I tried to get outta the picture…And the red lip with a red dress, so predictable. Then there is the insta fashion blogger hair. Nothing wrong for a normal girl just trying to take some picks on her side walk outside her house in over the knee boots and blanket scarf, but this, my friend, is not red carpet hair. She’s dumb. This dated look is dumb. DO BETTER EMMY! Oh and P.S. I usuasly love Armani Privé. If Armani was dressing Anne Hathaway, they would have never put her in this shit.

Amy Adams in Atelier Versace: Well, not really what I was hoping for, but I guess it’s what most people expected. I feel like this is B-list Atelier Versace. The sequin belt thing is  blah, kinda cheap looking. Her spray tan looks awesome. Never seen her with that much glow before so that’s kinda nice. Overall, it’s just kinda nice.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture: It’s not my least favorite Dior Couture she’s worn so I guess that’s a start. As usual, I wish it fit better. The middle panel as a bit baggy. There was a gap during certain angles that allowed you to see into her stomach. The fabric had enough structure they could have pulled it up under the fold slightly so it wouldn’t do that. Other than the fit. The dress is deece. She’s done the color before in the Calvin Kein dress for the 2011 Oscars, and it’s not like she can never wear the color again. It’s just if she’s going to do it, she has to blow the other look out of the water. This is not blowing the look out of the water at all. The hair is killing me though. This is Young Republican hair. It’s not good. I love the necklace; however, I feel like they threw it on because the rest of the look was just so boring? IDK…not my fave but not my least fave.

America Ferrera in Jenny Packham: It doesn’t fit her. The neck needed to be pulled tighter. That’s problem number one. Number two – the color is washing her out. It’s not rich enough, almost like whoever dyed the fabric like took it out too early. I wish the rhinestone didn’t look so homecoming cheap. I feel like a center part with some big 70’s waves coulda pulled this look up a lil, yet she went super slick hair which is too harsh with the yellow. All in all, I’m sorry America – this didn’t work for me.

Black: As you can expect, there was tons of black on the carpets. I’ve narrowed it down to five worth viewing!


Lady Gaga in Versace: It’s beautifully constructed. The whole look is very similar to the 2015 Emmy’s look I posted about in my preview. I know she’s trying to change her image from like Mama Monster to more serious or something, but there is so much more out there than basic black. She looks beautiful, the dress is beautiful, but at this point, it’s almost not Gaga anymore. It’s almost more Scarlett Johansson, right?

Sophia Bush in Narciso Rodriguez: The only reason I put it up there is because I wanted to say how boring this was. Everything about it says doctor’s wife at a gala and not Golden Globes. She has so much going for her with a good TV show, great figure, gorgeous face and fun personality. I believe she sold herself short in this one.

Uzo Aduba in Talbot Runhof: I LOVE THIS! I think she looks awesome. The black sequins make her skin just glow. The structure of the dress is so flattering, her figure looks exceptional. Usually, a black sparkly gown wouldn’t get so much praise from me, but she’s wearing the shit out this. I love that the hair isn’t serious either. Her wavy bob is keeping the look fun. Then finally, her make-up is OUTSTANDING. Her face is like glowing. I need that! How did she do that? Love this. She looks beautiful!

Kirsten Dunst in Valentino: My heart and soul are always with Valentino. I have a love affair with Valentino, so undoubtably, I love thisgettyimages-504387722_-_h_2016 (1) look. The looks has been called the anti-Grecian dress. To be honest, I didn’t click on the article to read why, but I’m assuming because it’s black. Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it’s not Grecian. She looks like a dark Greek goddess in this. First and foremost, the FIT is unbelievable. I am going to ask you to look how it fits her bust – sorry, look at her boobs. Even though she’s not flat chested, Valentino got this a 100% right where some would not (coughdiorcough). Then there is the velvet…It’s SO lush, so rich. When my sis and I were little and my mom would take us to Jo-Ann Fabric, we would play in the hanging bolts of velvet fabric on the wall. Ever since I was little, I have felt like there is nothing more luxurious than velvet. This black velvet is everything. Valentino did this right, even done to the “rope” twist across the chest. Her smokey-eye is also on point, not distracting but adding to the look. I love this. She really looks classic.

Taylor Schilling in Thakoon: I didn’t see this on the carpet…It wasn’t until the morning/today when I was read articles did I come across this. I think it’s awesome! So Liza! I wish the jacket was a bit smaller, but overall, this look was fun and festive for the night – just wanted to give her that nod!

Rose Quartz: Ahh, yes, one of Pantone’s colors of the year…many were rocking the Rose Quartz, but how many, if any did it right?


Katy Perry in Prada: Wait, did we mean Lisa Marie Presley? Or Captian Obvious who actually told Ryan Seacrest she was wearing “rose quartz the color of the year”. Ugh as if people who are watching the red carpet don’t already know it’s the color of the year. She is just beyond frustrating. And everything about this look is frustrating. She has a bump it in her hair. I mean that should be enough. Everyone should just walk away right now. But then there is the fact that she dressed herself to look like an ill-fitting condom. What is going on at her bust?! What is that puckering of the cheap taffeta fabric?! I guess her cuff is good? But why am I even trying to find good in this? It’s bad…Emmy Rossum bad!

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors: I mean, her body is out of this world…I’m glad she let all of us know all that exercise in her Fabletics is really paying off. I mean, is that suppose to be our take away? Because yes, she’s fucking hot. But there is nothing more. The sequins on the dress looked like those weird press-on sequins you’d find on club wear inside Hot Topic that you could peel off. On top of that, Gigi Hadid (the hottest of the hot) literally just wore this similar look to the AMA’s after party in black. On top of the blatant I’m just trying to be hot of this, there was no other “try” factor. Her hair looks dead with these not quite beach waves? My hair looks better than that on most days…The make-up is pretty, but that’s it…there is no element to it, no bold lip or unique eye make-up. This is just a cop out in my opinion.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy: SOMEONE ELSE WORE THIS ALREADY AND I CAN’T REMEMBER WHO! Sorry! It’s driving me bananas because Givenchy said one of a kind dress which kinda isn’t true because it’s basically here from their 2011 runway show. Givenchy has been doing this fringe stuff since 2008. AND here with some more googling, Naomi Campbell is in it at an AmFar gala…Naomi is not who I was thinking of though. It will come to me. Maybe it was her? But it’s bugging me…Needless to say, it’s not one of a kind. It’s not even new. The detailing is pretty, of course, yet it leaves something to be desired. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it? Somewhere? Maybe a lot? Or it could be the rose quartz…I’m not feeling it on her or in this look. It’s definitely that hair. I HATE that helmet hair faux bob she does sometimes. HATE IT! So basically, this is a no for me.

Rooney Mara in Alexander McQueen: I’m only talking about this because it looks like the dress Jennifer Aniston wore to the Emmy’s when she won in 2003. The Globes aired on a Sunday….not a Thursday (TBT) or Friday (FBF)….soooo why are people channeling Jennifer Aniston circa the early 2000s? Lainey Gossip said the dress reminded her of something J. Lo or Beyonce would wiggle around on the floor in a music video in the 2000’s. That’s thing…anyone in the early 2000’s could have worn this McQueen whether is was from Caché to a high school winter formal or Britney Spears to some award show (I feel like she wore this dress too but at this point I’m too lazy to find it). Needless to say, it’s a no go Mara. I do like the hair though!

Trend #2: The Deep-V

I love myself a good deep-V. There a bunch up there already, but I’m going to feature a few here for review!


Olivia Wilde in Michael Kors Collection: This was liquid sequins on her. It could not fit her any better than it did. I love the dress. It’s perfect for her and the event. I even love chunky collar length necklace with it, which usually doesn’t happen with the deep-V. What’s throwing me off is more of this undone beach wave and matching red eye make-up. Olivia Wilde has beautiful eyes, but if the make-up isn’t done correctly, they can look small. That’s happening here. And unlike J. Lo’s matching eye make-up I’m not feeling this one at all. It’s TOO matchy. Dress A+…Hair & Make-up C….

Jaime Alexander in Genny: She was the first person I saw on the carpet and immediately I loved this look! The color and pattern are so fun in a ballgown. And I love a deep-V lol. She just looks great! This look makes a statement for someone who isn’t a household name yet. I think it’s excellent on her!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Zuhair Murad: AHHHHH this dress!!! This is like my dress red carpet dress…It’s just a personal favorite. I am a ballgown person. I LOVE BALLGOWNS, like no joke am obsessed. It has pockets and the deep-V. The midnight blue is amazing!!! I love the ombre scalloped sparkles. It’s literally a dream for me. It’s not particularly fashion-y-fashion, but I love it. It’s a princess dream dress. Also…I do believe it’s the only Zuhair Murad on the carpet this year, and it’s not an illusion ice skater naked dress so props to Zuhair Murad!

Zendaya in Marchesa: I usually love her…This dress overwhelmed her completely. The v-neck actually didn’t fit her. Up close there was a big ole gap around the bust. She’s TINY but TALL, and this dress just swallows her up. It says nothing about the fashion-game she’s usually showing us. The dress reminds me more of something T. Swift woulda worn in 2010 if tight wavy hair…sorry Zendaya, drop Marchesa.

Trend #3: Sequins

It’s not an award show without sequins. As you can see above, there were tons; however, these ladies were all about the sequins!


Brie Larson in Calvin Klein: OMG! I love THIS DRESS! She looks soo beautiful in this. And on the wrong person (umm Kate Hudson), it could have gone completely different. It works so well on Brie. This is her breakout dress in her breakout moment winning the Globe. Perfection from head to toe! Glittery, golden perfection!

Melissa McCarthy in her own design: I just want to say, she’s never looked better, and it’s not because of her weight loss. Her HAIR looks soooo good! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it look so good. I also love the shape of this 70’s disco-esq look. I feel like it’s really working for her. The sequins are making her skin glow or maybe she’s just glowing? Whatever she’s doing, I wanna do it because she just looks so refreshed and gorgeous.

Kate Bosworth in Dolce & Gabbana: The dress is stunning. She’s just not…like she’s not wearing it well or something. I feel like she’s bringing it down…maybe it’s the bald head hair and meh make-up?

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford: Like Olivia Wilde’s sequins, this is liquid, navy everything on her. Tom Ford out did himself with these sequins and color. The color is magnificent on her. I love how much it brings out her hair! The only tiny thing is…I don’t love the half choker thing she has going on. It’s just not my fave…

I’m fading…one more lol….

Regina King in IDK! I can’t find it…if anyone knows, let me know please: Big sequins are becoming a thing…are they going to be a thing for you? I want to like this. I like it in theory, but my problems with her look are the bulk around the neckline and the stupid cape. She didn’t need the cape with the big sequins. There is a disconnect with the soft chiffon and the chunky sequins. I’m not a fan of that. I’m not sure what is going on around the neckline, but it looks bulky or thick? Maybe they could have fixed it by doing a scoop or something instead? Otherwise, I like the big sequins…

All right! That concludes my main review. I just wanna shout these two dudes:


The Rock! He looks so good. It’s custom and perfect. I love him!!


Eddie Redmayne’s Gucci jacket had, I think, little bumble bees on it. Up close they look like bumbles – regardless, whatever they are, the detailing was gorgeous! Nice touch!!




J. LO!!! It was hard for me tonight because I had a lot of favorites!! BUT I LOVED THIS LOOK! Jennifer Lopez completely surprised us with this gorgeous mustard yellow gown! She was literally everything in it, and on top of it, the whole look was so unexpected.



Katy Perry – she wore a bump it. I shouldn’t have to say more….I SHOULDN’T! But she also looked like a sloppy hot mess condom. You lose Katy Perry. Do better next time.

And so conclude my 2016 Golden Globes fashion review. We’ve got some trends coming out of here to take away and some undone beach hair that’s okay for everyday life, but maybe not the red carpet. Overall, I think it was pretty successful, making me pretty excited for the rest of awards season!!! Can’t wait to keep reviewing with you guys!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care







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