Summarizing Days 8 – 13 for the Wet Hair, Don’t Care’s 30 Day Outfit Challenge!

We’ve made it to Days 8 – 13. Surprisingly, a good portion of the stuff is still available. Some of it’s not, and I tried to find some good comparisons. I am going to start by summarizing and linking back to the first post for items that were re-worn from last week. After that, I’ll move on, starting with 13 and working my way back.

Worn the prior week:

The Vince Camuto nude pump’s worn on Day 8, black French Connection pumps from Day 9, all the sunnies, pink Newton running shoes & black Lululemon Wunder Under Capri’s (I have like 6 pairs) from Day 13 and the gold Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body purse and gray belt from Day 12 can all be found in the day 1 – 7 summary here. Also, you can find statement necklaces in that post too. The one I am wearing on Day 9 is way old and from Forever21, too.

Day 13:


Wunder Under Capri’s from Lulu, sunnies and Newton running shoes can all be found in this post. The North Face fleece I have on can be found here. Didn’t think you needed a style board for that since it’s pretty basic.

Day 12:


Gray belt, Ralph Lauren sunnies and Marc by Marc Jacobs purse can all be found in this previous post. You can’t really see it, but I have on my J. Crew bow bracelet which I found similar ones in this post awhile back. I’m actually summarizing the nude flats I wore on this day and the bow flats from Day 10. Both are still available – the exact pair I am wearing above are the second one in the middle row – they are a perfect go-to shoe. The exact same maxi I have on above is the third one in the first row below – not many sizes are left so I found more for you! The cardigan I’m wearing above is from Old Navy. That color is out, but there are still a bunch of other colors. The middle coral one is the same Old Navy cardigan as the one I’m wearing. If you click on it, you can see the other colors. I posted the coral one because I like/want it.

flats for the week

Navy Maxi dress


Day 11:


The striped cardigan is from Gap and WAY old….the booties are also old. They are from DSW and are BCBG. I did my best to find similar ones for you. Sunnies are the Ralph Lauren ones from the Day 1 – 7 post here. Luckily, the skinny jeans are Citizens of Humanity and still available (despite being supes old too lol). My J. Crew Factory layering cami is still available in lots of colors as well – yessss!!!

striped pull over sweater

suede booties

dark skinny jeans

j crew factory laying came

Day 10:


I combined the bow flats with the nude flats in the board above from Day 12. These are available still in navy and nude, so I linked those, and I threw on a few pairs of pink bows in case your heart was set on pink (except it might break cuz they are pricey – I’m sorry). Skirt is still available from J. Crew Factory in LOTS of colors! Top is from T.J. Maxx last summer and not available anymore; however, I have found a black one and a floral pattern that are kind of like it that will be recapped on Day 9. Sunnies are Ray Ban this post here.

j crew factory skirt

Day 9:


Sunnies, shoes, similar necklaces can all be found in the previous post here. The watch is Michael Kors which you can find at Nordstrom! Cardigan is super old, like 2009 old, from Forever21…so I found similar shapes and colors back up in Day 12’s long sweater style board. Scroll up to check them out. The Old Navy Pixie Pant is still available!!! Wahoo!! It’s the polk dot one – I also added some more fun patterns to choose from! The J. Crew Factory top you can still find with lots of colors!! YAY! P.S. The black one and floral one are comparable for Day 10’s top.

old navy pattern pixie pants

layering shell

Day 8:IMG_0443

This one was a toughy because it’s all pretty old minus the shoes and sunnies which you can find here. I did my best to find similar long necklaces (original is from Banana around 2010), comfy and/or navy blue dresses (original is from Gap circa 2011), and sweater (Nordstrom old…can’t remember how old lol). Sorry about this outfit being dated, but just goes to show you, if you buy classic pieces, they can last your forever!

long necklace

comfy dress

striped cardigan

That’s a wrap on Days 8 – 13!!! As usual, some of the clothes you can run out and snag right now….and some….you can find similar items. Really hope you enjoyed and continue to stay tuned to the 30 Challenge! I’m having a blast doing it.

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care



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