A September Wedding Guest Outfit

So here we go – my first ever post about something I am wearing, in detail. Not going to lie, this isn’t easy. Those fashion girls make this look effortless, and the experience was anything but that! You will have to bear with me while I work on these, but you have to start somewhere so I hope you enjoy it 🙂

For starters, I wanted to share a getting ready shot. It took a lot to get me there.

Next picture is of my Valentino bow pumps. I spent YEARS obsessing over these pumps, and for our wedding in April 2013 my husband gave them to me as a gift which is why my heart breaks when you get to one of the later pics. These pumps are older so this color isn’t available, but here are similar ones. If you really search out there, you can find them in a lot of different colors.

I was SUPER nervous doing this, not to mention my husband was taking the pics which it didn’t help me relax. I am awkward to begin with, but this just brought it out to a whole new level.

But enough about me being awk and more about the outfit. The dress is J. Crew Factory. It is older but you can find a similar fun floral print here or the dress as a great LBD here – both under $55! And right now, if you spend $100 or more you can use the code ADDTOBAG for 25% off your purchase and free shipping. That means you can get both for like $40 each OR get some other great items. I absolutely love this dress because not only is it flattering on pretty much every body type, affordable, comfortable, but it has POCKETS! Pockets elevates any dress.

Next up is the neon pink Kate Spade crossbody purse. I got this at the beginning of the summer from TJ Maxx for like $60 so I tried to find comparable ones on-line to link. (Shoppers note – go to TJ Maxx! They always have great finds and are changing up their inventory.) You can find similar Kate Spade styles here and this one on sale here. When searching I found this similar Ted Baker crossbody and Fossil crossbody on Nordstrom’s site.

Finally, my bow bracelet was J. Crew for my shower and rehearsal dinner back in 2013 so again…that is not available. If you are looking for the bow in particular check these out this one from Kate Spade and this one from Tory Burch – they are both on sale! For the sparkle factor, check this one out by Rebecca Minkoff. And for the more budget friendly but edgier options check out these from Forever 21 here and here!

Also, something I learned from this experience which I actually knew in real life was when taking pics outside wear sunnies! The final dress pic is of me at the wedding which was a absolutely beautiful. This time I was smart and had my sunnies on which are these! They are my favorite. Sunnies outside in pics prevent you from looking squinty or your eyes sunken in if you don’t have professional make-up and lighting…I do not.

In the end, the wedding was a blast, despite me breaking my bow pump by tripping on the grass and getting caught in it. It was a fashion casualty of the night, but I think/hope I will be able to get it fixed. Life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes you just gotta take off your broken shoes and put your flip flops on and dance!!!

These kinda posts will be evolving as time goes by, and I get better. In the mean time, hope you enjoyed my first ever outfit post!!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care



  1. August 31, 2015 / 5:45 am

    Love your post and would be happy to sub-in as photog when possible :-).

  2. Audrey
    August 31, 2015 / 3:11 pm


  3. Audrey
    August 31, 2015 / 3:12 pm

    I want deets on your makeup/ how-to’s!!!
    you looked gorg! (as always)

    • August 31, 2015 / 3:40 pm

      Thanks so much!! Lots of make-up for this look, but I will do a follow-up on make-up ASAP! Love the request 🙂

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