Drinking Tasty Beer at Penrose Brewing Company

A few weekends ago my husband, friends and I drove out to Geneva, IL to visit Penrose Brewing Company. And let me tell you…It’s definitely worth the drive! The taproom is gorgeous inside, flooded with natural light and ample seating. I particularly loved the “beer hall” feel with the long tables and benches made out of reclaimed wood they locally sourced. The whole place has an airy, natural feel to it. The beer though is just as pleasing, if not more, than the aesthetic of the space. The about section of their website goes into their details, but they specialize in “Belgian inspired session ales, oak barrel-aging, and alternative fermentation.” They said it better than I could. Here is a great outline of all their beers. While there, we sampled TONS of beers – mostly in flight form. My favorite by far was the Wild XIII; they had just released it that previous Wednesday. It was a barrel aged sour with apricots! So tasty! I also really enjoyed their Pumpkin Saison and the Deminimus Mandarina, a session sour. Everyone found beers that fit exactly what they were looking for.

Like most breweries, they do not serve food – beer is their speciality, and they leave cooking to the professionals. But do not fret, you can either bring or order in your own food! My friends ordered Jimmy John’s, and of course, it came “freaky fast”. I believe, the bartenders have recommendation of some good local eats. Downtown Geneva is only a few blocks away and looks super cute, so I’m sure there are plenty of good places to grab grub! The place is very kid friendly as well. Our friends brought their not even two month old son, and it was all good in the hood. I think I saw other kids there too. They also have board games you can play while enjoying your beer and company. We didn’t but definitely saw some people playing Connect Four. It looked fun! At the end, we walked out with four growlers to bring home! Pretty reasonable priced, too.

If you are looking for a cool, relaxing and most importantly, delicious brewery to visit, then you should definitely head out to Penrose Brewing Company for a visit. Just remember please plan ahead when drinking and driving 🙂 be safe!

Website: penrosebrewing.com

Twitter: @PenroseBrewing

Instagram: @penrosebrewing

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