What Happened with My September Fitness Goals….


Soooo yea….those September Goals I set back on this post here. At the end of September I kind of felt like I failed them, but taking a step back and really thinking about it, I don’t think I really “failed” them entirely. I will break it down goal by goal for you.

  1. Increase my flexibility…this one I did straight up fail lol. I said I was going to work on it. I stretched a couple of times and then gave up, and then remembered it was a goal and tried to get back at it at the end of the month. I wish I had a better answer than that. I do know it’s something I need to work on and actually make time in my schedule to get this done. (No really it is….at the end of the month my hamstring started acting up because I think literally everything is too tight). So, somehow I have to find a way to fit regular stretching into my fitness routine despite all my excuses that are mostly I don’t have time because I need to be doing xyz instead and “I will stretch longer tomorrow” – that’s my favorite to tell myself….I will keep you all posted on how this goes!
  2. Core strengthening! This one I did work on!!! A lot actually. Got my stability ball blown up at home, and I do 100 – 200 crunches on the ball. I do other core strengthening exercises as well to work more than just the muscles the ball works. Also am doing some of my arm work on the BOSU ball which increases core strength and balance! Wahoo!!
  3. Do 3 pull-ups – can you two thirds succeed and one third fail at a goal? No, probably not. Too bad because I’m going to give that to myself since I cranked out two and two thirds pull-ups!! I know, I know….it wasn’t three pull-ups like my goal; however, increasing my strength by two thirds in one month isn’t a complete fail either! Picture above is me working on my pull-ups lol.
  4. Missing morning workouts – I pretty much fixed that habit of skipping the mornings by the second week and went in the pretty regularly after that. There isn’t much to say about this one other than I feel like I could say I succeeded at it. Maybe I will do a post about my tips to working out in the morning (because it really does make your day so much better).

Moral of the story kids is that even though I didn’t 100% win at all these bars I set for myself, I did not 100% fail either. Like I said above, initially, I was quite upset because I was like ugh, I didn’t work on my flexibility or get that third complete pull-up. I was really dwelling on the negative. After reevaluating everything, I realized I did pretty good! I completed two of the four at, I would say, 100%, another at 67%, and the last 33%….that comes out to a 75% completion rate. Not too shabby (unless I was in school of course lol).

My point is, don’t beat yourself up on what you didn’t do. Own it and recognize it. Along with try to work on fixing it, if it’s important to you, your health or success. But you also have to remember the positive and good you are doing. It will keep you going and motivated in the long run. Hope this helps you in whatever you are trying to achieve!

Peace out,

Wet Hair, Don’t Care


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