Visiting the Berghoff’s Oktoberfest in Downtown Chicago!

Just a quick lil post about this evening! Every year that I’ve worked or lived in Chicago I’ve wanted to stop by the Berghoff’s Octoberfest at the Federal Plaza in the Loop of downtown Chicago. And for some reason, every year, I haven’t been able to. So this year, with no plans going on, I was like done – I’m in! Tonight my husband, another couple and I made our way over after work to enjoy some traditionally German outdoor eating and drinking in the waning days of summer (it’s still hot; therefore, it’s still summer, in my opinion). As we approached, the band was belting out Michael Jackson’s Thriller, so we knew this was going to be fun. Unfortunately, as we were standing in line for our commemorative mugs, the skies opened up on us, and it started down pouring. Luckily, my husband had my mom’s 20 year old golf umbrella so he, myself and a rando woman who was stranded huddled under it – she was a nice lady who was worried about her hair frizzing (valid concern). We were happy to help. Also, I have a funny picture of people crunched under the tables taking shelter…I did feel really bad for them but still couldn’t resisting snapping the pic. Eventually, the rain let up, and we met up with our friends to enjoy a really fun iconic Chicago experience. My friends got the BBQ chicken sandwich and apple strudel which they liked a lot. We all enjoyed the beer which I did not know was gluten free until I saw my menu picture! Amazing! I actually couldn’t tell that it was GF….so that’s kinda major. Also, upon farther research, the fest support two charity organizations – Delete Blood Cancer – DKMS and the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. You aren’t just having fun to have fun, but there are good causes behind this Chicago tradition. If you get a chance after work tomorrow, go check it out.

Website: Berghoff’s Oktoberfest

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Wet Hair, Don’t Care


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