Old Navy Fall Pre-Sale – Active Wear

Fall Pre-Sale Old Navy - Active Wear


To round out my Old Navy Pre-Fall Sale picks, we have some active wear. On the weekends, I LIVE in gym clothes so they need to be cute and functional. I haven’t tried their high-waisted compression pants but the reviews are stellar on-line. And they do not have seem down the outside of the leg. I cannot wear an active pant with a seem on the outside. Old Navy has this pant in a ton of colors and patterns for $26, so go scoop them up (I think they also have a full legging version too). As fall approaches, there is nothing I love more than a cozy fleece-lined cowl neck sweatshirt. That bad boy is only $34, something that would cost you upward of a $100 at LuLu (trust me I know – I have an identical one from LuLu and now want this one). I couldn’t think of anything comfier on a cool fall day while out running errands. So don’t walk, get your run on to go pick up this active wear. Happy shopping!!
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