2015 MTV VMAs Fashion Review – What a Bust

Argh! Fashion is my favorite!!! But last night’s VMAs fashion was such a major let down. I went to bed last night feeling so underwhelmed and being like, that was it? However, I woke up… View Post

2015 MTV VMAs Review aka I stayed up past my bedtime on a Sunday

I know I’m a little late to the party as most 2015 MTV VMA reviews are already out there, but as the title says…I had already stayed up late to watch the whole thing, couldn’t… View Post

A September Wedding Guest Outfit

So here we go – my first ever post about something I am wearing, in detail. Not going to lie, this isn’t easy. Those fashion girls make this look effortless, and the experience was anything… View Post

Old Navy Pre-Fall Sale!!! Up to 50% off!

So who doesn’t love a good sale?! I know I do, especially when it’s pre-season clothing! Old Navy is having a pre-fall sale just in time for your weekend shopping. Scroll through through blog to… View Post

Old Navy Fall Pre-Sale – Active Wear

  Fall Pre-Sale Old Navy – Active Wear by aheckin featuring a fall outfit To round out my Old Navy Pre-Fall Sale picks, we have some active wear. On the weekends, I LIVE in gym… View Post