Cooking Time Saving Breakfast Egg Bites!

All right, so for me, breakfast is the most important meal of the deal. When I wake up, I basically want to eat my face off every morning. It doesn’t help by the time I get… View Post

Talking about Miskatonic Brewing Company – Chill Place with Delicious Beers

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Labor Day Weekend Sales Round-Up!

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September 30 Day Outfit Challenge!

There is no better month than September to dig deep into your closet and rediscover old clothes. In most of the states the weather varies from blazing out in early September (like it is right… View Post

Finally a Fitness Post! September’s Fitness Goals!

Holy cannoli! It’s already September…this year is sadly flying by. I wanted to start the month off right by creating a few manageable fitness goals for myself. I promise I will outline my current fitness… View Post