Taking a Coffee Break at Asado

Sometimes the busy work week can eat you alive…You can sit down at your desk on Monday and next thing you know it’s almost Thursday. Where did the time go? If you ever need a… View Post

Summarizing Days 8 – 13 for the Wet Hair, Don’t Care’s 30 Day Outfit Challenge!

We’ve made it to Days 8 – 13. Surprisingly, a good portion of the stuff is still available. Some of it’s not, and I tried to find some good comparisons. I am going to start… View Post

Grilling Buffalo Chicken Wings!

Football season is officially upon us, and in my house, that means CHICKEN WINGS! My husband is a chicken wings addict. He loves them with all his heart, and I’ve grown to appreciate them (especially… View Post

Visiting Brightwok Kitchen – Their Future is Bright!

Now that we are back to work from the long Labor Day Weekend (whomp whomp), it’s time to think about what we should be eating next at lunchtime in the Chicago Loop!! I’ve recently been… View Post

Round-Up of Days 1 – 7 of Wet Hair, Don’t Care’s 30 Day Outfit Challenge!!!

Wahooo!! We made it. I finally have gotten my act together to summarize day 1 through 7 of outfits for Wet Hair, Don’t Care’s 30 Day Outfit Challenge. Boy, this is going to be a… View Post